Schlafly Grapefruit IPA, Beer League @ TWR

Happy Thursday, Beer Leaguer! We hope your holiday was great and you freedomed the hell out of some fireworks and BBQ at your friends and families house. Your Captaineers had a long evening with two dogs spanning seven legs being scared to death of fireworks. But that didn't stop your Captain from sampling all the beers at the BBQ and digging up some new goodies for League! Let's talk some about this weeks beer and see where we are going.

Hint: We're going into a future populated by citrus fruits.

Brewer’s Description!

[brewerydb_beer id=jXASyj]

The Highest High: 4.79 / 5

Bought this primarily for my love of grapefruit yet want for a more complex and hearty version of a radler. The grapefruit in this is one of the strongest and most perfected undertone in a pale ale I've ever tasted. Not super sweet. Perfectly bitter. Very smooth to drink. Favorite part was pouring it into a bubbly red wine glass... The gunk I was initially concerned about at the bottom spotted the beer like stars across the sky. I'd add a photo if possible but I highly suggest seeing it for yourself.

The Lowest Low: 3.08 / 5

Bottle to pint glass. Look is bright gold, small white head. Globules of Sediment make it ugly, I've tried pouring as slowly as possible and Leaving a Good 1 oz in the bottle, but it always shows up. Aroma is faint lemon, citrus. Taste is grapefruit, some hops, but not enough for an ipa. I'm no hophead, but this needs a bit more. Still tasty, I love grapefruit in ipa. Poor man's Graprefruir Sculpin.

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