Green Flash Soul Style IPA & A Blue Moon Bonus Stamp Situation

We’re jumping in with little formality this week because we have a LOT to share! This weeks beer is Soul Style IPA from Green Flash Brewing. Straight from the Green Flash website, they describe their Soul Style IPA as:

“Our brewers rip—creating huge and complex double and triple IPAs at the pinnacle of craft beer enlightenment. Soul Style is their effortless and pure manifestation of the Single IPA. Citra, Simcoe, and Cascade hops are layered, allowing bright tropical waves of flavorful citrus and floral notes to break gently on the palate. Get stoked on a laid back single and ride a wave to soothe your soul.”

They also have a section for tasting notes, and I found these to be really helpful:

“Appearance—Orange gold with bright white beer foam. Aroma—Very floral with tropical fruit including ripe mango, clementine, and a hint of orange blossom honey. Flavor—Starts with a mellow pale malt sweetness then transitions to pungent hop flavors with grassy notes and a lingering but clean bitter finish.”

But wait – there’s more! This week is a bonus stamp – useful if you missed a week and need to play catchup. In addition to Soul Style IPA you’ll earn a stamp for sampling Blue Moon Summer Honey Wheat. Over at the Blue Moon website they describe their Summer Honey Wheat as:

“As golden as the summer sun with a white, creamy head. May have a slight amount of haze from the wheat. Take in that rich clover honey aroma. It blends well with the light, biscuity malt notes. Slightly sweet clover honey taste with a hint of citrus. Very light biscuity malt taste with a low hop bitterness to provide balance. A light-bodied ale with a medium level of carbonation to balance the taste of wheat and honey. A light, sweet honey finish with subtle citrus notes to heighten the refreshing character of this ale.”

As our days get shorter we’ll probably be seeing less of these styles of beers in the coming weeks during League. Not to say that we won’t be having some IPA’s or wheat’s over the winter – just that there will be less of them, and definitely not a pair like this on one night.

It’s a Halloween miracle! Which reminds me…


That’s right, The Waiting Room is having a Halloween Party & Costume Contest on the 30th – and we’ve got cash prizes for Best Costume, a ton of drink specials, and DJ Airtight spinning all night long.

Costume contest entry is around 9:30ish and you’ll want to make sure you enter – because 1st Place is taking home a trophy from Todd Fischer, mixed-media artist and friend of TWR in addition to the cash prize for 1st! Check out the event for more info and updates – until we see you on the 30th!

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