Dark Matter From Logboat Brewing & Chili Cookoff

Dark Matter From Logboat Brewing Company & Chili Cookoff

Chili Cookoff & Dark Matter From Logboat BrewingWE HOPE THAT YOU HAVE PREPARED YOURSELF! Here we are, the eve of the one night of the year that The Waiting Room Bar & Venue is transformed into a vessel containing the most delicious chilis in the greater St. Louis area. We hope that you’ve been preparing your recipes for maximum […]

Sam Adams Trifecta & Beer League Turns 6!

Beer League is turning Six! Six years of getting together every Thursday to try a different beer . Six years of field trips to local breweries. Six years of fires out back on the patio laughing and arguing about if you’d rather fight 1 AB-InBev sized Schlafly or 100 Schlafly sized AB-InBevs? In celebration we’re hosting the […]

July 2nd – Fundraiser for Ferguson Brewing Company Employees

Make sure you check out and support these other businesses that are donating a portion of their profits to Ferguson Brewing Company. As we’re sure that you, an informed Beer Leaguer and local craft beer connoisseur, have managed to hear the news over the last six days or so. There was a fire at Ferguson […]

Beer League @ TWR: New Belgium Brewing Beer League Takeover

This weeks beer is a beer… but it’s also an event. More of an event than other weeks. This week we’re featuring TWO BEERS – New Belgium Brewing’s Cocoa Mole and Portage Porter – and BOOM YOU GET TO KEEP THE GLASSWARE. I mean, that’s already pretty exciting because there’s been a BOOM but wait, […]

Beer League @ TWR: Beer League Turns Five!

Well, we knew it would happen someday. It had to. After years of microbrews, the occasional macro masquerading as craft beer, and arguments on whether Leonard Part 6 is the best movie ever made (Hint: it isn’t) our little Beer League is starting Kindergarten. That precocious little scamp that collected labels from the beers we […]

Get a sober ride to Schlafly Cabin Fever – RSVP now!

We either take cabs to Cabin Fever every year, or we have sober drivers. We know better, and we drink responsibly. This year we made a special event page to track how many people will need rides. Our goal is to provide seats in cars for everyone – but if it comes down to it, […]

Final Drive Video Release Party!

We want to thank everyone who came out on Saturday for Final Drive’s video release party for, “Run For Your Life”! Everyone had a blast, but in case you missed it here’s the video: