Beer League Gets Civil: Swing in tonight for a Civil Life Black Lager

Happy Thursday, Beer League!

This week Tonight we’ll be trying yet another delicious St. Louis brew from another delicious St. Louis Brewery – Black Lager from The Civil Life Brewing Company. On their website, Civil Life has their Black Lager listed as a, “Beer on Vacation” but we’re betting that they just haven’t updated the site to reflect that the beer is no longer at Sea World or Disneyland or wherever their beers go on Vacation.

We’re betting Busch Gardens.

In any case, Civil Life describes their Schwarzbier as:

“Black Lager Style 4.5% a.k.a. ~Schwarzbier~ is flowing through the taps.  As we pour you a beer you’ll notice that this Lager is pretty darn dark- not quite black, but getting there.  The next thing you’ll notice is a subtle off-white cap of foam and a discreet, fragrant roast aroma.  Hopefully the next thing you notice is that you are drinking and enjoying it.  Black Lagers are in a pretty narrow category and while ours does have an apparent edge from roasted malt, the relaxed and clean nature of the Pils Malt base really makes this beer a solid drinker.  Hops are from Hallertau again and ABV clocks in at 4.4 so you don’t have to clock out.”

As is tradition, here are the high and low reviews from Beer Advocate for your perusal – but we’ll be seeing you tonight for a (probable) fire out back and a (definite) good time with some good people.

See you then, friend!

Sarah the Captaineer

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