Zombie Monkie from Tallgrass – Re-tasting two years later & Ghostbusters Pinball!

Let's re-taste Zombie Monkie from Tallgrass tomorrow...

...while we play pinball, and hangout together with the new Ghostbusters machine that's headed to the Ballroom... and try this weeks beer, which as you know is a re-taste of a beer that we tasted all the way back in 2014. Here we are nearly two years later and we want to do an experiment go on a re-tasting adventure with you! Last we say Zombie Monkie it was well into November and already a bit chilly, so I'm betting there was a big filling beer bias, but also a can bias.

2014 was the year of the canspansion, when everyone was either building a canning line or contacting to be canned on someone elses line. Cans became mainstream in the craft community and it was ok for everyone to do it now - I'm betting because of the greater acceptance of cans by craft beer aficionados, but eh, who knows! 

All About Zombie Monkie

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Ghostbusters Mini-Tourney!

Doc & Shelly have secured a Ghostbusters LE for The Silver Ballroom - it's the only one in St. Louis, and they're going to debut their new pinball at The Waiting Room Bar & Venue for one night only!

Winner nabs $25 at TWR & $25 at The Ballroom, which we can all agree is better than a swift kick to the pants or anywhere.

Anyone dressed like a Ghostbuster gets a free drink, anyone dressed like a Shuv or Zuul will know what it was to be roasted in the depths of the Slor that day, I can tell you!

Beer Advocate
poured 16oz can into Duvel tulip. The can has a textured feel to it. A - A beautiful obsidian color with a massive 3 finger Swiss cocoa colored head. Retention is fantastic and there is thick lacing all over the glass. A perfect appearance in my book. S - I pick up the roasted malts with a nice milk chocolate and French vanilla coffee aroma. The cola scent I usually find in Porters is muted. T - Oh man is this tasty. I get a Swiss cocoa mixed with delicious French vanilla coffee. Again, I am used to a cola flavor, but it is very faint. The roasted malts that were used in this are incredible. M - Very rich, creamy, smooth and medium bodied with terrific carbonation. Easy drinking and hard to put down! O - A damn nice Porter that took my by surprise. Well done Tallgrass, bravo!


This canned brew from a bottle shop poured a medium sized head of foamy brown colored bubbles that were mostly lasting and left behind a no visible carbonation opaque except at the edges black brown colored body. The balanced aroma was malty. The semi-flat mouth feel was tingly at the start and at the finish with a lingering mild roasted malt aftertaste. The yummy flavor contained notes of black malt roasted malt toasted malt burnt malt chocolate brown malt and dark malt. A wonderful best in class brew.


Galinski & Taradiddle w/ Clayton Scott

Get into The Waiting Room this Saturday for Galinski & Taradiddle with Special Guest Clayton Scott. It's another night of awesome local music brought to you by The Waiting Room.

So Happy It's Thurday!

We wanna hang out with you and see if Zombie Monkie is everything you remembered. The internet seems to be generally positive - but what will Beer League think?

We send out the beer every week in an email as well - some people like that more than having to go through the website or checking our facebook. So join up!

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