Wizard of Oz Pinball in St. Louis at The Waiting Room

Wizard of Oz Pinball in St. Louis at The Waiting Room

Always 50 cents a game - while it's here!

Bringing The Wizard of Oz Pinball to St. Louis was all Steve and the Ballroom's idea, and they'e the ones who set the price. That's right - The Silver Ballroom started the tradition when they originally purchased the Wizard of Oz machine that we have on loan from them in The Waiting Room through August 15th. Steve wanted people to be able to come in and play the game, not come in and "only want to play once or twice" because it was too expensive at a buck a game.

Why in the world would we ever want to change that? We wouldn't - so Wizard stays 50 cents a play.

Wizard of Oz Pinball in St. Louis - Tips!


Here are all the tips we found at PinTips & the rulesheet from PAPA.

  • Holding down flipper buttons deactivates the pop bumpers to let ball fall into Crystal Ball VUK.
  • Complete colored rollovers to spell characters and light locks. Hit right ramp thrice to start multiball
  • For every skillshot you hit, hitting that same skillshot later in the game (new ball or ball lock) increases its value
  • If you do a full plunge you will often hit the targets in the pop bumpers right away allowing you to capture Dorothy.
  • During MB each active playfiled adds 1x to the scoring. Add the crystal ball and double this for up to 6x scoring.
  • Set up Munchkinland with one house spin left before triggering the main multiball, stack crystal ball multiball & watch your score go crazy.
  • Stacking Crystal Ball with other multiballs gives you playfield X - try and avoid weak or no-hold flippers though
  • Light Fireball Frenzy by completing 3 Witch hurry-ups. Hit the Witch again to begin. Shoot blue shots (water) and avoid red ones (fire).
  • Hit the pink Glinda target in the center for a random, helpful award. To relight hit the rubber between spinner and bumpers.
  • Soft plunge to upper flipper and hitting the witch skillshot base value = 5000

Learn to Handle Wizard Balls

Like David Bowie in The Labyrinth

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