Summit Winter Ale, it's what we're having at Beer League on December 10th at The Waiting Room!

Winter Ale From Summit Tomorrow at Beer League

Winter Ale At Winter Beer League!

Let's keep up the cold weather and winter theme with our beer this week at Beer League with a selection from Summit Brewing. Over at the summit website, they describe their Winter Ale as:

"One taste and it’s easy to see why the Brits call this style Winter Warmer. Nutty, roasted malt flavor with hints of coffee, caramel, cocoa and a dash of hop spice. It’ll warm your cockles. Whatever those are."

It's pretty easy to see the direction we're heading with our beers this winter: big & strong, with lots of flavor and enough ABV to get a little artificial belly warmth, not to mention the fires out back that provide a little artificial belly warmth.

There isn't a bonus stamp this week (boo!) but there will be one again in the near future!

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bigdave99 – 17/20

hmm. difficult to rate a beer. everyone seems to rate the belgian strongs as the highest. does that mean that belgian stong ales are the best beer, or the best kind of beer? then imperial stouts? summit winter, when fresh, is a wonderful winter ale. incredibly good fresh off a good tap, this has big head, a lovely warm brown taste, balanced hop and malty flavor, and not too strong of an abv. i had this one night in duluth at a theatre bar on tap, obviously fresh, and i’d take that over any bitter i’ve had in london. is it the best beer? well, in many ways... yes. for everyday drinking, though, give me summit extra pale ale, best fresh out of a keg with a good clean line.

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fratto – 8/20

On tap at the Gingerman in Fort Worth. After letting it si and warm for almost twenty minutes, it finally smelled kinda like a little bit of malt. Taste is nice, but faint. Chocolate and grains. As it warmed more, the flavor shifted to old grapes.

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Canned Food Drive – St. Louis Area Foodbank

Bring your cans to Beer League! We're accepting canned and shelf stable food donations at The Waiting Room until December 20th, when we'll pack it all up and take it to the St. Louis Area Food Bank.

We're making the donation in the name of our friend Ryan as another way to make sure his memory lives on, and because he was always helping others and brought in something to give at our past canned food drives. If you're not into donating cans but want to help out, you can always donate cash at TWR or at the STL Food Bank website.

You're good people, Beer League.

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