TONIGHT – Tap Takeover with Standard Brewing & SATURDAY – Cancer Benefit

Tap Takeover! Oh yeah!

Standard Brewing Company of St. Louis is the culmination of two friend's love for craft beer and desire to set the standard for craft beer in the area. The brewpub will serve expertly crafted beers brewed to style alongside a complimentary beer infused menu.

At Standard, Jeff “Jonesy” Jones is the master manipulator of water, yeast, grain and hops. Jonesy has been tempting beer lovers with his true-to-style creations for more than 10 years. An award winning home brewer, Jonesy is a St. Louis native, avid mountain biker, and hot rod enthusiast who loves a great brew.

A beer guy in the truest sense, Jeff Harlan sure knows how to create an unforgettable experience while operating Standard on the day-to-day. A big guy with a booming voice and a heart of gold, Jeff is committed to making every guest’s experience a memorable one. He loves to share his enthusiasm for beer, food and life. Jeff is a Navy vet and former aircraft mechanic who’s cultivated a gnarly brewers beard and is no slouch behind the brew kettle.

Some more about Standard Brewing

How to find 'em

Standard Brewing Company is a St. Louis, MO based brewpub committed to setting the standard for craft beer and beer focused food.

This Saturday - Hope Cancer Benefit!

It's that time of the year again that TWR will be hosting our favorite event!

All proceeds will go to HOPE for Young Adults With Cancer.

More info here!

Not able to get to TWR to pickup a T-Shirt?

Don't worry, we've got you - just click here and you can reserve your t-shirt through the 25th. We'll have some for sale at the benefit, but you can make sure you get one now.

So Happy It's Thurday!

Does anyone actually think this rain is for real? If the weather stays this nice and cool we'll take a little rain.


If you're playing PokemonGO there are at least two Pokestops within walking distance from TWR - the St. Ann Post Office and The St. Louis County Library Rock Road Branch

We send out the beer every week in an email as well - some people like that more than having to go through the website or checking our facebook. So join up!

The St. Louis Art Machine is a collaboration of St. Louis artists selling art for $5 out of cigarette machines.

What in the hell is a St. Louis Art Machine, you ask?

The St. Louis Art Machine is a repurposed cigarette machine owned by Sarah Harris, made mechanically sound by Tyler Harris, and filled with the tiny, cigarette-pack-sized-arts of local artists and makers.

Because of our desire to make small art affordable and approachable, all works are set at a flat-rate of $5 ea.

Currently the St. Louis Art Machine is installed at The Waiting Room Bar & Venue, where it will reside for about four months until it moves to its next home with a new set of artists. 

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