Tonight! Chili Cookoff & New Belgium Tartastic

The Chili Cookoff - Bring it.

Once a year we separate the bean counters from the bean eaters. We host our open entry, no holds barred Chili Cookoff at The Waiting Room and tonight's is going to be as exceptional as always. Make sure your chili is at TWR by 8pm to be judged by all and you pick your two favorites. After we've taken votes for a while we'll open the chili up for everyone to destroy their favorite. It's a really simple format and a way to share really great chili with your friends!

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[brewerydb_beer id=RYeG89]

Oh the reviews!

Beer Advocate (HIGH)

Pours a hazy golden color with several fingers of foamy white head. Nice lacing sticking to the sides of the glass.

Exactly like it says on the smell with sour lemons and ginger notes.

Taste is slightly less lemon zesty than the smell. There is a touch of sour and tart but not living up to that smell.

Mouth feel is light and finishes lightly sour with just a bit of pucker at the back of the tongue.

Overall this makes me think of a lemon shandy light. I have had lemon shandy's that have had some nice pucker but this one just does not do it. When I saw sour on the label I was thinking something a bit more sour than what I got. So yes I did like it just not quite what I was expecting. For a refreshing lightly lemon flavored beer this is a very good beer. Just remember the smell does not match the beer. The smell is of nice sour tart lemon and the flavor just comes out a bit thin.

Even more reviews!


I was so mad at this beer that I signed up for an account to review it. It calls itself a sour, but it tastes like a shandy made with Natural Light (I know. I've made them). Looks decent and cloudy in the glass, but it's thin; there is next to no tartness; and the ginger flavor is just sad, cus it's like "...awww, you guys kind of tried." I couldn't finish this, and it made me not want another beer for about an hour. Such an odd time of year to release something like this too. I should have stuck to the New Belgium rule: If it's a sour and it comes in a bomber, it's probably pretty awesome (Terrior, Le Folie, Tart Lychee etc); If it's in a six pack, it's probably not. Hopefully, this saves some people from buying this expecting a sour along the lines of their Lips of Faith

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