The final numbers are in for TWR’s 5th Annual Cancer Benefit are in!

After the final t-shirt order came in, our friends and family that attended TWR’s benefit and raffle were able to raise $3,664, which will be donated directly to Hope for Young Adults with Cancer. If you weren’t able to attend the benefit, but would like to make a tax-deductible donation to their cause you still can! And unlike other groups whose main goal is to “raise cancer awareness”, Hope For Young Adults With Cancer assumes you’re already aware of cancer, and the effects it has on young adults physically, but also financially. Many young adults are under insured or lack any form of health insurance which exacerbates the stress of treatment.

One of the goals of Hope for Young Adults With Cancer is to help relieve some the burden that accompanies long-term hospitalization and treatment for cancer. To that and nearly 70% of their budget is given away as grants to young adults who need help financially in their treatment. We are glad that you see their services as invaluable as well, and we appreciate that you have shown that with the monetary donation.

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