Heavy Riff Brown Ale

Brown Ale Surprise, FBC Samples, Canned Food Drive

Here we are preparing for another Beer League night at The Waiting Room, and we're getting to prep up for the canned food drive, Ferguson Brewing samples, and this weeks Beer League beer as well - Velvet Underbrown from Heavy Riff Brewing! This is gonna be an action-packed week for League & a big donation for the St. Louis Area Foodbank!

We've had a bit of a hiccup with this weeks beer and have been questing with moderate success in finding out as much information as we can about it.* We received the keg of what we believe to be Heavy Riff Brewing's Velvet Underbrown earlier in the week. We were confused by the Excel Brewing / Bottling label on the keg - is this a collaboration with Excel? So we did what any responsible Captaineering team would do - we called Excel. The nice rep I spoke to on the phone said that it's actually Heavy Riff's Brown Ale (as evidenced by the label on the keg, duh) and that Excel kegs for them. That makes sense, I guess.

And after creepin' Heavy Riff's Facebook and comparing ABV to the keg, we're almost positive that it's Velvet Underbrown. Go-Go Internet Sleuthing Skills!

*We heard back from someone from Heavy Riff - It's Velvet Underbrown

Awwwwwww yeah.

The Brown Ale Surprise is Heavy Riff Velvet Underbrown… We’re Pretty Sure

So we then did what any super-responsible Captaineering team would do: We tried to contact Heavy Riff.

Heavy Riff doesn't have a phone number. They actually seem kinda proud about it. In all smacky-caps on their contact page it says:


So we then did what any super-duper-responsible Captaineering team would do - we emailed their contact email address asking about the beer and some more info about it and to verify the information that we got second-hand from Excel. We're still waiting on a reply.

We're assuming that we're correct that this weeks beer really is Heavy Riff Brewing's Velvet Underbrown, and you're in for a treat, Beer League.

Heavy Riff Says:

(Our Flagship Beer) Our American Brown Ale prominently features lactose and oats for a creamy velvety mouthfeel. Restrained Hop Character and a hint of Dark Chocolate on the finish.

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phaleslu – 15/20

Draft at the brewpub, served in a pint glass. Only house beer they had at the moment, a few weeks after opening. Pours a deep, nearly opaque brown with a finger of beige head that laces the glass. Aroma of toasted and roasted malts, tobacco, cocoa beans, nuts, and oats - simple and effective. Same for the flavor, which has toasted, roasted, and chocolate malts, lactose, nuts, and oats. The addition of the lactose and oats sweetens it, but just barely. Medium-bodied, with a toasty, slightly earthy mouthfeel and moderate carbonation. So smooth, too. Really nice brown ale. Looking forward to more from these guys.

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seymour – 12/20

Tasted on tap at St Louis Brewers Guild Harvest Fest. It poured a mostly-clear medium brown colour with weak beige foam. Basic brown ale malt aspects: bready, nutty, a little caramelly. I didn’t pick-up the lactose notes, except for slight residual sweetness. I didn’t pickup the oat traits either, it wasn’t any creamier than any other beer, no better head retention. Non-deScript hoppy balance. Medium body and carbonation. Decent, not flawed but unmemorable.

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Ferguson Brewing Company is Here to Help!

Ferguson Brewing Company is one of the many local breweries in the St. Louis Brewers Guild that we're pretty big supporters of - both their beers and their rad employees!

FBC and their employees want to help out The Waiting Room Bar & Venue's canned food drive. We put on a fundraiser for FBC after their fire, and they want to "pay it forward" by helping us with our annual canned food drive for the St. Louis Area Foodbank.

Tonight FBC will be here with beer samples and a bunch of schwag for everyone who donates to the food drive! Want some of the Ferguson Brewery goodies? Gotta bring your cans!

And if that wasn't enough, you'll get that extra stamp on your Beer League at The Waiting Room card.

No donation = No schwag

See you tonight, with cans in your hands!

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