St. Louis Style Beer League & Missouri Beers


Do you know what all happens at The Waiting Room during the week, I mean like all the stuff that goes on at our little beer soaked slice of heaven? Pinball League, Beer League, bands, and Scott. Scott happens a lot and we really like it.

Now Craft Beer Week is next month - and don't worry, we have a few surprises in store for you for that. But we'd rather focus on something really good that's happening in St. Louis right now: a brewing resurgence that is seeing the little guys starting to become the big guys and littler guys filling in the new space. Breweries are opening up all the time in St. Louis, and we're celebrating that this week.

Any Missouri Brewed Beer will get you a stamp on your card this week. You'll have to ask Val for the password for the bonus stamp!

Attention: It’s patio drinking weather

Don't know about you guys, but we're happy that The Waiting Room has such a huge fenced-in back patio for fires and disc golf. Someday we're gonna have a disc golf fire!

We'll see you tonight - make sure you see what's upcoming at TWR!

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