Side Trip Belgian Style Pale Ale & Mystery Draft Bonus Stamp

Welcome to snowy St. Louis, Beer League. This week has seen the cancellation of Pinball League due to inclement weather (boo!) and the return of New Belgium Brewing for a back-t0-back Beer League double header! Before we get into that make sure you click this link now and RSVP for the Beer League Turns Six party at the end of the month - we're doing some special things and we want to make sure we have enough to go 'round. So we need to make sure we know you're gonna be there!

This weeks beer is another offering from New Belgium Brewing in Ft. Collins, Colorado. We mentioned the slide that's a part of the tour and we found a video showing it. Oh internet, you never fail me.


And I know what you're thinking... what's a Bonus Stamp Draft? Well we will be honest here - we're not really sure either, but we were given a couple hints:

  1. It's on draft
  2. It's a beer that has never been at TWR before

So that doesn't really narrow it down, but it does let you know what to expect a little bit when you're going for that extra stamp. It'll get you one step closer to getting on the plaque. More importantly it'll get you closer to a free beer. Everyone loves a free beer.

Beer League Turns Six Party on 1/28!

Join us for a rowdier than usual Beer League on January 28th when we celebrate six years of Beer League!

Lets celebrate with our traditional potluck, prizes and of course a special beer!

More details here as they become available!

Side Trip Belgian Ale from New Belgium Brewing

[brewerydb_beer id=O8LsMT]

Ratings For This Weeks Beer

With help from our friends at Beernumbeer!


New Belgium Brewing
Belgian Pale Ale
Rating: 85


New Belgium Brewing Company
Pale Ale - Belgian
Rating: 70 [3.51]


New Belgium Brewing Company
Belgian Ale
Rating: 74

Ratebeer Reviews

We pick the highest & lowest sample to share!

Frank – 16/20

Like most of New Belgium’s regular offerings, this is a very well made beer. I dig it. It’s clear w/ a foamy white head and tons of spotty lace. It’s nose is bananas up front with a touch of spice and bread dough. This is every so slightly sweet and juicy but crisp enough in the finish that’s it’s very nice and drinkable. This is flavorful enough to be interesting w/o being overbearing, a very good beer if not the kind of thing people on beer rating websites tend to rave about.

Zeswaft – 13/20

Bottle. Literally told my wife that i was cautiously optimistic that would be a long overdue replacelement for Belgo. Who the fuxk does NG think they are taking that away? I definitely thought it would be Belgo and its not. Tastes like a lame begian ale. First world problems.

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