So what makes TWR so special, anyway?

Well friend, let us explain...

We are locally owned and operated since 2008. Featuring the best beer St. Louis and surrounding cities have to offer; six local craft beers on draft and an abundant variety of local, domestic, imports in bottles. As well as a large selection of liquor.

Supporting other small owned businesses is one of our main objectives. We offer a variety of Dan O's Pizzas (based out of St. Charles, MO) and we have pure cane sugar soda (used in all our mixed drinks or by the bottle in a variety of flavors) from Excel Bottling Company located in Breese, Illinois.

Our place is obscure and definitely not what you think it will be judging from its location. We promise you will enjoy your stay. The bartenders and guests are friendly and always welcoming to first-timers.

Our crowd is an eclectic mix of artists, musicians, bikers, beer lovers, techies, business travelers, laborers, and all around good folks.

Non-smoking (Vaping welcome). Outside patio. Free wifi. Pool table. Darts. Pinball.

Voted three years in a row for Best Neighborhood Bar in North County - Reader's Choice Riverfront Times.

Swing on by, tell us where you are from, we would be happy to share more of our story with you and if you are new to town, we would love to share all the good things to experience in St. Louis.


Industry specials and free pool.

Monday nights get some special specials for industry workers, free pool & drink specials for everyone. Like a bucket & a pizza for $20. Don't ever let Monday get you down!


Hump Day

You've made it halfway through the work week - and we think you should be rewarded for that. Get all of our regular Happy Hour Specials up until 9PM on Wednesdays.



Get 50 cents off of every can... and the usual specials. It's the best Friday ever.


Pinball League

Tuesday evenings TWR is host to the only Pinball League on the Rock Road. Stop in anytime and play Dracula, Bride of Pin•Bot, X-Files, and Creature From the Black Lagoon and every gets Pinball League specials.


Beer League

Wanna be in a League, but your athletic prowess is limited to 12oz curls? Come check out Beer League on Thursday nights where we try a new beer every week - with lots of local micros and crafts making appearances.


Bloody Mary’s & Margaritas

The TWR House Bloody Mary & Margarita bring us to Bloody Mary Saturday and revives you for the weekend. We can't wait to hang out with you, new friend.

Use Your Flippers to Get Down @ TWR

In the bar right now: Austin Powers, World Cup, Dirty Harry, America's Most Haunted, Flintstones!

Dirty Harry

Revenge From Mars

Champion Pub

The Walking Dead

Rob Zombie

Pinball at The Waiting Room

We'd appreciate it if you kept your balls under control.

Pinball League

The Waiting Room is proud to be a part of the St Louis Area Pinball leagues – and you should come join us. We have a session every Tuesday at 7:30 and some weeks we’re short a player. That’s where you come in.

If you want to substitute and get a feel for what Pinball League is all about come see us on a Tuesday evening and play with some balls.

Get some more informationor just drop in and talk to a bartender. They’ll set you straight.

Warm up those flippers, Player.

The Waiting Room is really excited to announce that we’re going to have a rotation of four pinball machines at the bar! Our friends at The Silver Ballroom have us hooked up with machines rolling out of Shelly & Doc’s collection from The Ballroom up here to The Rock Road. When TWR and TSB sat down to figure out how many machines that they could fit TWR, what machines they were going to put in, and when they were going to bring them by you only answer that everyone could agree on was, “Yes!”

What can we say, we love pinball.

We are on, where you can upload your high scores and selfies with the machines .