Preserved Lemon Gose

Preserved Lemon Gose | 4 Hands Brewing Co.


This weeks beer is Preserved Lemon Gose coming at us from 4 Hands Brewery. We've pulled together as many articles, reviews, and blogs about this beer as we can find to give you a good idea about what we're filling your glass with on Thursday.

After a bit of digging we found the commercial description for the beer on RateBeer - and were surprised by what we read:

Preserved Lemon Gose was brewed in collaboration with Chef Josh Eans and Prarie Birthday Farm. This tart wheat beer is our take on traditionally preserved lemons. Brewed with sea salt, lemon verbana, lemon basil, and lemon zest, this Gose pours straw in color with a light, citrusy aroma and a crisp, tart finish.

Preserved Lemon Gose

Preserved Lemon Gose

This is the best article, with the most information that I was able to find and it's worth a good read if you have time. Here's a quote that seems to sum up the thoughts behind creating the Preserved Lemon Gose:

“Let’s approach beer like we’re approaching food,” Eans remembers telling Lemp. “I think a lot of times in brewing, people don’t pay the same attention to ingredients, and it’s not artisanal on the same level as cooking. So let’s do that with beer because, to me, that makes total sense. That’s how that was born. So we partnered with Prairie Birthday Farm.”

There is something special in there that speaks back to the small batch beers that every brewery creates during their early growing phases, but now 4 Hands gets to experiment in a larger scale and with different people, including Josh Eans in Kansas City, and we're super into it.



The beer pours a deep yellow to gold color with a fluffy white head. The nose is dominated by lactic sourness and lemon. This is a nice flavored gose, where the preserved lemon really shines.

It adds a wonderful flavor that seems like a perfect marriage with a gose. There is a touch of sweetness that slightly balances some of the sour, it really makes it a treat. There is a hint of biscuit mixed in as well, and the body is much more full than one would expect from a beer at 4% abv

The full body works very well with the bright carbonation.

> Beer Advocate



4 oz pour on draft at ChurchKey. Slightly hazy yellow with off-white head. Aromas of lemons, light herbs. Tastes of big lemons, light salt, lemon juice.

Medium-light body with a dry finish. Really enjoyed this one, like a mouthful of lightly salted lemons.

> RateBeer

Preserved Lemon Gose

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