Pinball at The Waiting Room. 4 pinballs, awesome people. League night is Tuesday.

Pinball League Meet #4 Scores

THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE. We’re pretty sure it’s a multiball.


Scores are up for Week #4 of Pinball at The Waiting Room. We've been spending a lot of time thinking about the X-Files pinball and how to really rack up some points. So we do what one does in the situation.

We ran to the internet - specifically the Internet Pinball Machine Database and started soaking up as much knowledge as we could. Everything on the first link is super helpful, but it's a lot to wade through. Here is a link to an entire walkthrough of the X-Files pinball machine - we have no idea how good it is, but it's posted on a website that keeps and informal list of pinball machine owners by serial number, so we're gonna trust 'em.

Good luck next Tuesday, everyone - read up and practice up!

Meet #4 Scores

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