ODell Drumroll & (Beer) Kraken League

What’s better than an average Beer League?

Obviously, that's going to be a Beer League where we are samplin' some goodness from ODell.

Like this week when we're trying a new (the latest!?) beer from ODell, Drumroll APA. Since it's new there's not a lot of information out there on this beer from reviewers, so let's not buck tradition and start with ODell's description:

Drumroll is an unfiltered American Pale Ale. A bold, juicy, citrus-inspired and tropically hop forward APA that looks and tastes like pineapple, orange, mango, and grapefruit. The complex fruit character is the result of the careful combination of our favorite current crop year hops with no fruit or juice addition necessary.

I think it would also behoove us to mention that this beer is only checking in at 42 IBU's - so this isn't a hop bomb as much as it is a citrus-fruity delivery system wrapped up in an unfiltered APA. This beer screams summer so hard we might have to go mow our lawns once we're done with this.


What’s better than THAT!?

When The Kraken Rum contacts TWR and asks if they can swing by on Thursday and give out some free samples, schwag, and bring a PHOTO BOOTH you already KNOW that we said yes. You had better bring your a-game Beer League face - bonus if you're wearing a Beer League or TWR shirt in the photo! YEAH!

If Kraken Rum didn't pair with Drumroll before - I think we may have just made a thing.


ODell Drumroll APA

Beer Advocate High

4 / 5 - akolb

Mild aroma with bready malts, orange peel, and pine. Big orange in the taste. Tropical, soft, and juicy. Refreshing bitterness and a spicy aftertaste. This is a great pale ale: very drinkable and refreshing yet flavorful and complex.

Beer Advocate Low

3.8 / 5 - SFACRKnight

After working my ass off all day I grabbed a cold can of this and sat down outside to enjoy the afternoon a bit. The can looks appealing, but I am not pouring it into a glass. Smells like pine resin and orange peel. Tastes like it too, the bready malts are barely perceptible. I think this is odell's answer to dales pale ale. It ventures dangerously close to IPA territory for me, but is still a nice reward for checking a few things off my honey do list.

Drumroll APA

[brewerydb_beer id=GQ3LuO]

ODell & Kraken

You can RSVP for Kraken League on the event page - but whether you do or do not, we'll be seeing you tomorrow night for some Drumroll, jokes, photos, and schwag with Kraken.

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