Now on draft at TWR: Goose Island Bourbon County Brand Stout (Aw, yes.)

We’re pleased to announce that TWR has a limited amount of Goose Island Bourbon County Stout, on draft and until we’re out. James made a post of Facebook about the availability of this beer, and we sure put a dent in it already. Get up to TWR before our 1/6 barrel becomes our 0/0 barrel!

The rarest beer in all of Saint Louis just went on sale at The Waiting Room… A tap handle of Goose Island Burbon County, Imperial Stout 14% One 1/6 barrel in all of NOCO, this will not last long...

It’s a part of Beer League this week as well, so make sure you stop in tonight and join us for a Nutcracker Ale and earn another stamp towards ten and a free beer. Free beer.

There weren’t mixed reviews on this beer, it was universally loved by everyone who had one! That’s not entirely true, there were a few folks at League who just couldn’t handle the raw, awesome power of a 14% beer with so much flavor, but we made sure to get that glass into the hands of someone who wouldn’t let it go to waste.

I think the whole bar would have fainted if we had seen one of these poured out!

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