Lionstone Brewing Back 40 Wheat Ale

Beer League - Peanut Butter Back 40 Wheat Ale

We're deep in the Christmas season, Beer League, and we hope you're enjoying it as much as we are. Caroling. Ice skating across the parking lot after a freak misty ice coating. Drinking hot drinks with booze in them outdoors. Drinking cold drinks with booze in them indoors. Trees have long been assembled with ornaments thrashed by cats and small children. Tinsel has been eaten by dogs. Tinsel has been recovered from dogs.

Things are right in the world and in the cold city of St. Louis.

And this, the last Beer League before Christmas, we want to have a special beer and do something wildly different - and we've got one for you. Peanut Butter Back 40 Ale is a beer has already met with the James Nichols Seal of Approval and now it's Beer League's turn to try this beer before the holiday.

Brewer’s Description!

A hybrid of our favorite hefe brewed w/ midnight wheat for a subtle roast while retaining its banana flavor & aroma w/ an extra punch of peanut butter flavor

Style: Hybrid between German-Style Hefeweizen and American Stout

ABV: 4.0%

Serving Size and Glass: 16 oz Pinnacle Pilsner

Gastropub Pairing: Dessert

Availability: Year Round

It smells like a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup.

-some guy from YouTube


Peanut butter (nutty) aroma. Refreshing and unique flavor. I love peanut butter and was excited about trying it. I was not disappointed.


Aroma is peanuts, salt and a hint of dark malts. The flavor is peanuts/nutty, fruit, slight salt and a slightly funky/sour finish.

Reserve your Thursday for Beer League

We'll see you tomorrow night for some Peanut Butter Back 40 Wheat Ale and a good get-together before the Christmas weekend. As always you're invited to wear tinsel.

We send out the beer every week in an email as well - some people like that more than having to go through the website or checking our facebook. So join up!

This Guy's Review!

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