Beer League @ TWR

Beer League at The Waiting Room

Every week at Beer League we try a new beer - from odd macro offerings to weird-y local crafts - if our distributor can get it, we'll give it a try.

Beer League works kinda like this:

  1. Each week we get a special beer that becomes available on Thrusday
  2. When you try that weeks Beer League Beer, we give you a stamp on your Beer League Card
  3. After you get 10 stamps we give you a free beer
  4. When you hit 50 stamps we put your name on the Beer League Plaque of Fame


Goose Island Oktoberfest / TWR 8 Year Anniversary / The St. Louis Art Machine Opening

RECIPE INFORMATIONStyle: German-Style MärzenAlcohol by Volume: 6.4%International Bitterness Units: 17Color: CopperHops: HallertauMalts: 2-Row, Carapils, Munich 10, C-20, C-40, C-120Welcome back, Beer Leaguers. We’re here on this Wednesday to talk about this Thursday and we’ll be working on getting some good weather. We already have the good company take care of. [brewerydb_beer id=2qlMjT] TWR is, 8! WTF!? Saturday, August 19th @ TWRThe world […]


FINALS! FINALS! FINALS!Tonight we’re hosting the Pinball finals at The Waiting Room! After 10 weeks of play we’ll cheer them on tonight until the victor is decided! This is a pretty great week at TWR – culminating in a party this Saturday at TWR that you’re invited to! Come check it out! A Division Point […]

Goose Island’s Sofie, This Week at Beer League

I’m not sure what to think about this weeks beer choice – Goose Island has a lot going for them like their Bourbon County series, and their love for making beers that can cellar for a while. Downsides: they’re not considered a craft brewer anymore by the legal definition due to the ownership take of […]

Priscilla, a Pale Wheat Ale From Oskar Blues

Hey how the heck are ya, Beer League?This has been a crazy week for your Captaineers. We’ve been looking at replacing our old busted boat with a new vessel, and we finally decided on our new sloop. So you know there’s lots of work there like moving cannonballs filled with beer and other ordinary moving […]

Elysian Superfuzz Blood Orange Pale

Elysian Superfuzz Blood Orange APA

Thanks to everyone who came out to get Krakken’d and have a sweet gif of themselves made. I think they brought the alcohol content of last weeks league up in the best way possible.We also got to meet the ODell representative for Missouri and a couple guys who just flew in from Colorado. Jake brought them […]