Beer League @ TWR

Beer League at The Waiting Room

Every week at Beer League we try a new beer - from odd macro offerings to weird-y local crafts - if our distributor can get it, we'll give it a try.

Beer League works kinda like this:

  1. Each week we get a special beer that becomes available on Thrusday
  2. When you try that weeks Beer League Beer, we give you a stamp on your Beer League Card
  3. After you get 10 stamps we give you a free beer
  4. When you hit 50 stamps we put your name on the Beer League Plaque of Fame


Lionstone Brewing Back 40 Wheat Ale

We’re deep in the Christmas season, Beer League, and we hope you’re enjoying it as much as we are. Caroling. Ice skating across the parking lot after a freak misty ice coating. Drinking hot drinks with booze in them outdoors. Drinking cold drinks with booze in them indoors. Trees have long been assembled with ornaments […]

Ferguson Brewing Company is paying it forward and giving out free samples and schwag at Beer League at the Waiting Room this Thursday, December 17th!

Beer League at TWR – Ferguson Brewing Company Tap Takeover

Two weeks in a row, two tap takeovers from two awesome local breweries! This week we’re going to have three taps from Ferguson Brewing with Kaldi’s Chai Stout, Blueberry Blonde, and an Irish Red for League – with a chance to add three more stamps to your Beer League card. Three more stamps towards a […]

Earthbound Brewing Tap Takeover & Canned Food Drive

This weeks beer isn’t a beer – it’s a selection of beers from Earthbound Brewing here in beautiful St. Louis, Missouri. This is the tap takeover to be here for because we’re having three damn fine beers, we’re donating food to the St. Louis Area Foodbank, and we’re going to argue about which Earthbound offering […]

Bur Oak Brewing Dark Star – Beer League

Let’s talk about this weeks beer, and let’s get some flippin’ flappin’ sources to go with it, right? Right! This weeks beer is Dark Star from the Bur Oak Brewing Company. Bur Oak describes their beer as:Darkstar offers the crisp smooth character of a classic German Kolsch ale, combined with a deep, dark sensation delivered […]

Logboat Brewing’s Jerk Alert DIPA

From our friends just down the road in Columbia, Mo – Jerk Alert is Logboat’s double IPA, clocking in at a respectably low IBU’s in the 80’s. What does the ol’ Logboat have to say about it? Glad you asked…The name sums it up. This is a real Jerk of an IPA. Loaded up with […]