July 2nd – Fundraiser for Ferguson Brewing Company Employees

Make sure you check out and support these other businesses that are donating a portion of their profits to Ferguson Brewing Company.

As we’re sure that you, an informed Beer Leaguer and local craft beer connoisseur, have managed to hear the news over the last six days or so. There was a fire at Ferguson Brewing Co. that appears to have started in the kitchen. Thankfully, no-one was physically hurt as this fire started during the wee hours of the morning. FBC was insured for damages, but financially, both the front-of-house employees (bartenders, bussers, hosting and waitstaff) and back-of-house employees (brewers, dishers, cooks, barbacks) are going to take a hit for as long as the brewery and restaurant are shut down.

Well, to be honest: we don’t like that at all.

These are all good folks who have supported The Waiting Room since we first featured a FBC beer for League. They’re the ones who make sure that we’re pleased with the meal we order, or advise us which appetizers to split at the bar when we stop by for a pint. These are the people that took the Captaineers on a very impromptu brewery tour one day as we were filling up growlers. This is where one of the Captaineers meets an out-of-state Beer Leaguer at least once every time he’s in town. If the beer at FBC is the heart of the business, these people are the arteries and veins – you can pump beer, but someone has to make sure that it gets to you.

Ok, that analogy was a stretch but you get it.

To that end, Beer League at The Waiting Room is holding a benefit on July 2nd, starting around 7PM to raise a couple of bucks for these hard-workin’ people who through no fault of their own don’t have a job right now. A friend of League, Troika Brodsky of the St. Louis Brewers Guild, has setup a GoFundMe where you can make donations that will go directly to keeping the FBC employees afloat while the brewery is being put back together. They’re ALMOST OVER 9,000 right now with a goal of 15k. Even the most jaded of us can’t help but get misty-eyed seeing this outpouring of support from a community bonded by beer.

Starting tonight, June 25th and running until about 9pm on July 2nd, we’ll have 50/50 tickets for sale – with half of the money raised going directly to the employees of FBC as a way to help tide them over while they anxiously await the re-opening of the brewery and restaurant. We can GUARANTEE that these tickets will be on sale during League nights, as well as being available anytime TWR is open – so stop by and get a chance to split some cash with the employees of FBC.

We’re also taking donations in any amount – including pinball quarters. These donations will go directly to the employees of FBC, ensuring that every penny goes to helping out. If we raise so much money that the employees of FBC are all taken care of during the restoration of the restaurant & brewery and there’s an excess, we’ll most likely ask FBC to donate the extra to the St. Louis Area Foodbank, one of our favorite local charities.

We’ll also have a raffle on July 2nd – and what are we raffling you ask? Well, that’s still coming together and we’ll be sure to update the website and Facebook event once everything is solid. In the past we’ve raffled tattoo gift certificates, booze baskets a-plenty, sweet beer merch, artwork, and classy matching barware & glassware. I would expect to see a few, if not all, of these for the FBC raffle as well but I KNOW one thing that will be in the raffle, because it’s being donated by us, the Captaineers.

Food will be provided by Wayno’s – Mobile International Cuisine​ starting at 8PM!

Raffle Prizes!
• $50 Gift Card for Sugarfire Smokehouse
• Captaineer Prize Package – A Ferguson Brewing growler, and a ride in a 1978 VW Bus to Ferguson Brewing after they reopen to fill your new growler!
• Gumballhead painting, by none other than Gumballhead​ hisself
• Diane Arbus​ homage painting by The Rabid Arts
• Much, much more!

Please help us out by sharing & liking the Facebook event and spreading the word!

Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1651612468417825/
GoFundMe for FBC Employees: http://www.gofundme.com/xfb83kk

Beer League, this is why I love you.

* The Brown has no A/C, so there’s that. Thankfully, it makes up for the lack of air with an overwhelming smell of awesome.

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