Hot Date from the Piney River Brewing Company

Hot Date From the Piney River Brewing Company


This week we're going to get into some Hot Date from the Piney River Brewing Company. You may be wondering why we're not having a more traditional beer for St. Patrick's Day, or at least a beer with the word Irish in it. Phooey, we said. We have wanted to have this beer at Beer League for a while now and the planets aligned. So after you get done at the parade and been driven to a couch by one of your friends, we'll be your Hot Date later in the day.


Let's see what everyone else thinks!

HIGH – 3.81 / 5

I've been impressed with both beers I've tried from Piney River.

If you're looking for something a little more mild than habenero sculpin this is a great beer. Right away you get some heat which fades to a real gummy sweetness. The beer is a little surprising in that it finishes with that nice smokey chipotle zing. I thought this was a very nicely balanced beer. Great, non-overpowering, yet unique beer for the start of your next tasting event. Cheers Piney River!

LOW – 3.71 / 5

Very mild for a chili beer, which is expected with the chipotle peppers. Easy drinking and quite tasty, with a little bit of heat for the after taste.

Hot Date From the Piney River Brewing Company

Hot Date from the Piney River Brewing Company

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All tied up nice by


Piney River Brewing Co.
Chile Beer
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Piney River Brewing Company
Chile Beer
Rating: 69


Piney River Brewing Company
Rating: 67

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Because The Waiting Room Bar & Venue doesn't want you to leave empty handed, Charleville will be throwing about some schwag for you. Aw, yis.

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Thursday, April 7th.

One night every year The Waiting Room Bar & Venue is transformed into a vessel containing the most delicious chilis in the greater St. Louis area.

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This year the annual chili cookoff hosted by Beer League at The Waiting Room is taking place on Thursday, April 7th. We're still hammering out the final details for this year - but the important thing for you is to start getting your recipe tuned-up for 2016 and be ready for a chili-throwdown on April 7th!

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