Halloween costume winners!

When you have customers and friends that as creative as ours are, you know that a costume contest is going to be over-the-top. This year, like every year, was no exception. Movies were a big influence this year with lots of movie inspired costumes. Because our contest is audience choice the route here everyone gets the more exciting it is, and boy were you guys rowdy last Saturday. Further complicating it was the level of craftsmanship and care that went into some of the costumes that you guys put together.

Check out the winning costumes from the costume contest!

Check out the winning costumes from the costume contest!

But check out this super sweet homemade Han Solo frozen in Carbonite costume. Obviously, you’re looking at the overall winner for the night right here. It’s just such a refreshing combination of hackery, do-it-yourself attitude, cardboard, and pants with no belt that it would’ve been nearly impossible for this bad boy not to have won!

That being said man there was some stiff competition out there.

As you guys yelled and whoop’d and hollered for your favorite costume (Or just for your friends!) we immediately noticed a couple standouts. One thing we did not expect was to see so many people in the audience who loved one costume and one costume only! You guys are some loyal friends, or maybe you’re just easily distracted by people and funny costumes.

There was a truly excellent Uncle Louis, the uncle from National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. And trust me, I get why you would want to wear that costume. You get to drink eggnog all night, wear short shorts and a bath robe full of cigars in the pockets, and scream, “The shitters full!” all night long. Something tells me that by the expertise in which that costume was worn it may not have been a costume as much as regular Saturday night wear.

And man, how many Bob Ross costumes will the waiting room see? After this year, at least one more and it was a good one. Go to secure third place. I will say this though, if you show up in a Bob Ross costume next year you better have at least 5 to 10 more Bob Ross’ behind you in some sort of Warriors-esque gang that is ready to break bottles and pull out baseball bats and fight to win. It’s not that we don’t like happy little Bob Ross but rather there’s only so many years were you can see a Bob Ross on stage and not on channel 9.

We’re going to go ahead and give an honorable mention to them most salty captain Spaulding we have ever seen. Not that we would expect someone dressing up like captain Spaulding cannot be saucy, but we really feel like this particular captain went above and beyond to get into his role. Having seen the captain still standing even later in the evening, I will say that I was beyond impressed by the amount of makeup that was still attached to his face.

So there you have it folks – first place went to a Han Solo frozen in Carbonite, Second place to uncle Louis from National Lampoon’s Christmas vacation, And third place to Bob Ross the only Ross that we would ever let Bob Ross.

See y’all next year!

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