Goose Island’s Sofie, This Week at Beer League

Maybe it's time we were surprised by Sofie?

I'm not sure what to think about this weeks beer choice - Goose Island has a lot going for them like their Bourbon County series, and their love for making beers that can cellar for a while. Downsides: they're not considered a craft brewer anymore by the legal definition due to the ownership take of AB-INBEV.

Do we care about that? Does it matter? This weeks beer - Sofie - isn't brewed large-scale at the macro houses of Ft. Collins or STL. Still made small-batch in Chicago. Still able to sit on a shelf for like six years and have a different flavor profiles as the years go on. 

An astute Beer Leaguer might notice that we only really have two Bourbon County beers a year - something like Sophie, and then we alway have the Barrel Aged Imperial Stout once it's available. Curious...

All About Sofie

[brewerydb_beer id=KBQTlS]

Sofie From Goose Island at The Waiting Room
Beer Advocate
3.9/5 rDev -5.1% look: 4 | smell: 4 | taste: 3.75 | feel: 4 | overall: 4 Pours a pale straw yellow color. Aroma is grassy and funky. Flavor follows the nose. Notes of funky, earthy and grassy. Has a solid feel and overall a good beer.


AROMA 8/10 APPEARANCE 4/5 TASTE 9/10 PALATE 5/5 OVERALL 19/20 I normally don’t drink beer, but I think I’ve found the perfect "girly" beer I can stand. Great aroma, great on the palette . It almost has a champagne feel, which makes it much lighter than most beers.


4/5 Very interesting, very complex mixture of a lot of things going on, Belgium, spices, vanilla, and a touch of sour. Interesting....


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We can't believe it either.

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