Destihl Brewing Syncopathic Sour


You'll never guess what tonight's beer is... it's Synchopathic from Destihl Brewery. This beer was first brewed in January, released in July, and at The Waiting Room by August. That's a pretty good run for these cans!

The reviews for this beer are just all across the board. Some people think it's the most sour thing they've ever put in their mouths, others say that calling this a sour is an insult to sours. I imagine the sour beer community is evolving in much the same that the IPA community did - in a search for extremes. Get in tonight and let us know what you think, and then tell everyone around you. But don't tell Rothweil what you think of the beer.

Never tell Rothweil.

All About Destihl Brewing Syncopathic Sour

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TWR is, 8! WTF!?

 Saturday, August 19th @ TWR

The world has changed so much in 8 years. We are glad we have survived and we could not have the future we do without you!

We're having a gigantic nacho & taco bar for everyone to enjoy and drink specials running until close. We're got DJ Airtight Willie on the ones&twos keeping you the funk dancing and celebrating the last eight & the next eight years.

We want to see you at TWR on Saturday because you're our friend!

Beer Advocate
Clear golden yellow. Pure absence of head. Strong acetic and white grape aroma. Flavor follows. Minimal funk. Mainly white grape and vinegar. Light, dry body. High carbonation. Good brew, especially if you want a light and dry sour. MORE


RateBeer Golden color with white head. Aroms contains citrus, pineapple, mango. Very floral with some vinegar. The flavor is very sour with some citrus and tropical fruits. Vinegary finish. Overall sour heads only but very nice. MORE


Untappd Right to the jowls. Sour to the max.


So Happy It's Thurday!

Tonight is a night for sours - just as today was a day for air conditioning. The brave will be on the patio after the sun sets, the wolves will be on the patio at 3pm.


If you're playing PokemonGO there are at least two Pokestops within walking distance from TWR - the St. Ann Post Office and The St. Louis County Library Rock Road Branch

We send out the beer every week in an email as well - some people like that more than having to go through the website or checking our facebook. So join up!

Join us on Friday, August 19th for the inital opening of The St. Louis Art Machine from 6ish - 10ish

The St. Louis Art Machine is a collaboration of St. Louis artists selling art for $5 out of cigarette machines Join us on Friday, August 19th for the inital opening of The St. Louis Art Machine from 6ish - 10ish

What in the hell is a St. Louis Art Machine, you ask?

The St. Louis Art Machine is a repurposed cigarette machine owned by Sarah Harris, made mechanically sound by Tyler Harris, and filled with the tiny, cigarette-pack-sized-arts of local artists and makers.

Because of our desire to make small art affordable and approachable, all works are set at a flat-rate of $5 ea.

Currently the St. Louis Art Machine is installed at The Waiting Room Bar & Venue, where it will reside for about four months until it moves to its next home with a new set of artists. 

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