Dark Penance

Dark Penance From Founders Brewing at Beer League @ TWR

Dark Penance From Founders Brewing is at Beer League @ TWR This Thursday

Dark Penance from Founders Brewing is our League Beer for this week at Beer League at The Waiting Room.

It's not like we're the only bar in the St. Ann area near Lambert that carries Founders Brewing - but we're the only one listed in the St. Ann zip code on the Founders website. So we're running with it! And speaking of the Founders website - this beer is suspiciously missing from their lineup. Oh well, no bother for us - we care more about drinkin' the beer than we do about reading of the beer, right? Right.

So let's jump in to this weeks beer and see what we come up with!


Founders made us an 8.9% Black IPA - and we want to share it with you.

More about Dark Penance

As I mentioned, Dark Penance is suspiciously missing from the lineup on the Founders Brewing website. But have no fear, Beer League, I have found many reviews from other websites that will guide you along and keep you from having to search yourself. Over at Brewed for Thought they really speak well of the differences between more traditional Imperial IPA's and the 8.9% black IPA from Founders:

This beer has the soul of an IPA, the look of a stout or porter and an incredible balance in the glass that makes it easy to drink while challenging experienced beer drinkers.

We checked out Growler Mags review / press release post from 2014 and found this little nugget of usefulness:

Dark Penance starts with a heavy malt foundation of crystal malt for sweetness and just enough Midnight Wheat to push the color to black.

So we're looking at a pretty bitter beer at 100 IBU's... but sweetened up with a malty balance of a beer that looks more like a stout or a porter than an IPA. Ok, we're in!


Dark Penance from Founders Brewing at The Waiting Room in St. Louis

Dark Penance From Founders Brewing

[brewerydb_beer id=Z0WnFL]


All tied up nice by beernumbeer.com


Founders Brewing Company
American Black Ale
Rating: 90


Founders Brewing Co.
IPA - Imperial / Double Black
Rating: 77 [3.851]


Founders Brewing Company
Rating: 98

More about Dark Penance

Beer League runs from about 7PM until TWR closes on Thursdays - so swing by tomorrow night and try a beer with us. More likely than not, we'll all still be complaining about Snow

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