City Wide from 4Hands at The Waiting Room

City Wide from 4Hands Brewing at TWR

Beer League at The Waiting Room is a fan of local beers - this shouldn't exactly be a newsflash for anyone. We are also pretty big fans of giving back to St. Louis through food drives, donations, and benefits. When you put donations & benefits into a beer... well. Well.


Keep up the great stuff, 4 Hands.

There have been articles abound regarding City Wide by 4 Hands. It's a pleasing to the palette APA and it's canned in a weird way. We don't mean weird like bad, we mean weird like nothing we have ever seen before. It's like... paper... but it's not. It's not laminated, but it doesn't feel like pulp - nor does it get wet and smear and look like poopy. It's a pretty unique way to go about doing something that every brewery that cans has to do - and we like this A LOT more than the even weirder shrink-wrapped cans. Weird!

But more importantly, from every 4-pack sold (Your Captaineers have already been through two...) 4 Hands will donate $.50 to a non-profit - what charity you ask? Well, they're picking four a year starting this April - and the inaugural organization and project to benefit will be Love Bank Park:

"We wanted to pick (organizations) that the light wasn't shining super bright on," Lemp says. The first project to benefit from City Wide's sales will be Love Bank Park, which is located near 4 Hands' marketing and sales office at 2831 Cherokee Street.

"That's where the (neighborhood) kids go to hang out," Lemp says, "and it could use an upgrade."

Following the park in the first year of the City Wide project will be Grace Hill, the International Institute of St. Louis and Great Rivers Greenway.

This is such a great gesture from a brewery that (in my words) understands that we can't wait for someone else to fix our city, but that we need to do it ourselves. 4 Hands has been built and thrives in St. Louis and a huge part of that is people - the people that love their beer and love this city. They have found a way to bring all of this together and let us be a part of it - even if it's only a passive donation. That is something wonderful.

City Wide from 4Hands at The Waiting Room

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TH 28 3.92 / 5

The one lonely review on BA says:

16oz can. 7/5/15 pull date. Appearance: Clear, copper, frothy off white head with nice lacing. Aroma: Grassy, resinous, light citrus hippiness. Light caramel maltiness. Taste: light caramel maltiness and a pleasant grassy, resinous hop flavor. Moderately strong bitterness that lingers. Mouthfeel: Medium with moderate carbonation. Finish: Lingering grassy bitterness. Some light caramel. Overall: really crisp and refreshing APA. A bit more caramel maltiness than a Moon Man or Invasion, but well balanced.

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gregwilson 2.7 / 5

On the low end, a very concise gregwilson says:

Draft at brewey. Very clear. No head. Northwest hops. Very clear. Pretty standard apa.


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vyvvy 3.8 / 5

Not to be outdone, ol' vyvvy says:

From a can. The beer pours golden copper with an off white head. The aroma has caramel malt, cream, fruity sweetness and earthy/fruity hops. It has a smooth medium body with soft carbonation. The taste starts with the caramel malt and hops from the aroma. There is a great balance to it and comes off more like an old school pale ale than most these days. The finish has piney hops, light wood and drier malt. Really good and well made.

Making change, one beer at a time.



Sometimes I feel like my jokes are wasted, but never on you Beer League. We'll see you tonight - fire on the patio, 16oz'ers in coozies, and that weird warm feeling you get from knowing that even if you didn't go out and fix that park yourself, you're a part of making it happen. And that's pretty cool.

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