Wizard of Oz Pinball in St. Louis at The Waiting Room

Pinball League week #2 scores & find out who you play!

Tonight Night is Week #3Tonight night starts week #3 off in our Pinball League and it’s so early in the season anyone can really start racking up the points early – so get on it! Meet #2 Scores Pinball News from League Past Beer League @ TWR: Magic Hat Brewing’s Stealin’ Time Summer Wheat Pinball League […]

TWR Pinball League / Week 1 Scores!

This Tuesday is Week #2!Tonight is week #2 of Pinball League at TWR – and a little birdie told me if you show up tonight you might still have a chance to get in. Play starts at 7:30, talk to Jimmy or Timmy around 7 if you wanna be in the league – only eight […]

Destihl Brewing Syncopathic Sour

You’ll never guess what tonight’s beer is… it’s Synchopathic from Destihl Brewery. This beer was first brewed in January, released in July, and at The Waiting Room by August. That’s a pretty good run for these cans!The reviews for this beer are just all across the board. Some people think it’s the most sour thing […]

Who You Callin’ Wussie? From Arrogant Bastard

They’re pretty good if you’re into post-country rock-a-bluesy (I just made that up hah!) kinda music. Give them a listen sometime. Anyway, Wussy the Band is completely different that Wussie the Beer. How different? Well one is a group of musicians and the other is a beer. That’s pretty different. Wussie the Beer says: IT’S […]

Williams Hurricane Pinball Easter Eggs

Williams Hurricane Pinball Easter Eggs

Sometimes when you enter the lit Hurricane ramp, you can see a picture of a cow accompanied with a moo, you can also get a picture of a huge eye.Sometimes the unlit Ferris Wheel will get you an inchworm or four ducks.Sometimes, about every 30th game or so, when you hit the “Mystery” shot to […]

Williams Hurricane Pinball Easter Eggs

TWR Summer Pinball Session – Week 1 Results

Pinball League!Welcome back to the summer session, ball handlers! These results from week one have been tallied and placed on our site for your bragging-rights pleasure! LeaderboardShelly Dachroeden @ 15 ptsSteve “Doc” Dachroeden @ 14 ptsAngie Cornish @ 13pts Meet #1 Scores Pinball News from League Past Beer League @ TWR: Magic Hat Brewing’s Stealin’ Time […]

City Wide from 4Hands at The Waiting Room

City Wide from 4Hands Brewing at TWR

Beer League at The Waiting Room is a fan of local beers – this shouldn’t exactly be a newsflash for anyone. We are also pretty big fans of giving back to St. Louis through food drives, donations, and benefits. When you put donations & benefits into a beer… well. Well. WE LOVE IT Keep up […]

Schlafly Dry-Hopped Farmhouse Ale at Beer League

Beer League is trying Schlafly Dry-Hopped Farmhouse Ale This Week – Join us!Schlafly Dry-Hopped Farmhouse Ale is our beer this week and we’d like to tell you what we know about this beer and what we think you should be expecting. Schlafly Dry-Hopped Farmhouse Ale used to be Schlafly Dry-Hopped Farmhouse IPA – but it’s not […]