Urban Chestnut Tap Takeover

Urban Chestnut Tap Takeover – 5/26

Did you know that an Urban Chestnut Tap Takeover is happening tomorrow night? If you didn’t see it on Facebook – Urban Chestnut Brewing Company is taking over the taps at The Waiting Room this week for Beer League. That means not one beer, but six beers this week, plus whatever extra shenanigans we have […]

Schlafly American IPA – Seasonally Awesome!

Hey Beer League! Long time, no see! Before we talk about this weeks beer from a local favorite, let’s make sure you hear about next week and make sure you’re here. Also RSVP to the event and make it easy for Jimmy & UCBC get everyone taken care of for the night! If you have […]

Mountain Livin’ from Crazy Mountain Brewery at League!

 Hello, Thursday. I think you’ve been waiting for Beer League. Just hanging out, going along through the day with a real desire to be… anywhere… else.Sorry boss, can’t help you. What I can do is let you take a moment from your work day (You’re almost there!) and tell you about this weeks beer. Which […]

Bell’s Oatsmobile / Beer League

Beer League is back this Thursday April 21st and we’re going to try something sorta new. Something sorta from Bell’s. And we’re interested to hear what you think about this weeks beer.There’s lots to read about it if you want to get deep out there – you can read about hops and watch review videos […]

Dark Matter From Logboat Brewing & Chili Cookoff

Dark Matter From Logboat Brewing Company & Chili Cookoff

Chili Cookoff & Dark Matter From Logboat BrewingWE HOPE THAT YOU HAVE PREPARED YOURSELF! Here we are, the eve of the one night of the year that The Waiting Room Bar & Venue is transformed into a vessel containing the most delicious chilis in the greater St. Louis area. We hope that you’ve been preparing your recipes for maximum […]

Beer League ketchup week.

Beer League: So there’s Papa Tomato, Momma Tomato…

  Pulp Fiction is over 20 years old. Beer League isn’t nearly that old but we cuss as much as most Tarintino flicks and we like jokes and milkshakes and doing the twist. We’ll take a hard pass on Zed’s of any sort or living in boxes. We’re in for choppers though. In the movie […]

Pinball at The Waiting Room. 4 pinballs, awesome people. League night is Tuesday.

Pinball League Meet #4 Scores

THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE. We’re pretty sure it’s a multiball.  Scores are up for Week #4 of Pinball at The Waiting Room. We’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about the X-Files pinball and how to really rack up some points. So we do what one does in the situation. We ran to […]

Charleville Tap Takeover, Swag, and The OG

Charleville Vineyard & Microbrewery is coming to Beer League for a tap takeover – on draft we’ll have Late Night Karate Kicks, Half Wit Wheat, and the collaboration porter made with The OG: St. Louis Women’s Craft Beer Collective. We’ve got some info about the beers we’re trying this week when Chareville visits and we’re […]

Hot Date from the Piney River Brewing Company

Hot Date From the Piney River Brewing Company

  This week we’re going to get into some Hot Date from the Piney River Brewing Company. You may be wondering why we’re not having a more traditional beer for St. Patrick’s Day, or at least a beer with the word Irish in it. Phooey, we said. We have wanted to have this beer at Beer […]