Goose Island’s Sofie, This Week at Beer League

I’m not sure what to think about this weeks beer choice – Goose Island has a lot going for them like their Bourbon County series, and their love for making beers that can cellar for a while. Downsides: they’re not considered a craft brewer anymore by the legal definition due to the ownership take of […]

Priscilla, a Pale Wheat Ale From Oskar Blues

Hey how the heck are ya, Beer League?This has been a crazy week for your Captaineers. We’ve been looking at replacing our old busted boat with a new vessel, and we finally decided on our new sloop. So you know there’s lots of work there like moving cannonballs filled with beer and other ordinary moving […]

Elysian Superfuzz Blood Orange Pale

Elysian Superfuzz Blood Orange APA

Thanks to everyone who came out to get Krakken’d and have a sweet gif of themselves made. I think they brought the alcohol content of last weeks league up in the best way possible.We also got to meet the ODell representative for Missouri and a couple guys who just flew in from Colorado. Jake brought them […]

ODell Drumroll & (Beer) Kraken League

What’s better than an average Beer League?Obviously, that’s going to be a Beer League where we are samplin’ some goodness from ODell. Like this week when we’re trying a new (the latest!?) beer from ODell, Drumroll APA. Since it’s new there’s not a lot of information out there on this beer from reviewers, so let’s […]

Preserved Lemon Gose

Preserved Lemon Gose | 4 Hands Brewing Co.

 This weeks beer is Preserved Lemon Gose coming at us from 4 Hands Brewery. We’ve pulled together as many articles, reviews, and blogs about this beer as we can find to give you a good idea about what we’re filling your glass with on Thursday.After a bit of digging we found the commercial description for […]

4Hands Contact High Key Lime – It’s For Summer

Man, I can almost hear your first impression of this beer from here.This week we’re going to try a new offering from 4Hands. You may remember 4Hands for being awesome and donating money directly from selling beer. Oh, and they make really great beers, too. We’re still working our way through their entire list of […]

St. Louis Style Beer League & Missouri Beers

  Do you know what all happens at The Waiting Room during the week, I mean like all the stuff that goes on at our little beer soaked slice of heaven? Pinball League, Beer League, bands, and Scott. Scott happens a lot and we really like it. Now Craft Beer Week is next month – […]

4Hands Passion Fruit Prussia at Beer League

4Hands Passion Fruit Prussia at Beer League

We’re having 4Hands Passion Fruit Prussia at Beer League this week, and we’re hoping to make this a recurring theme throughout the summer. Beers that are refreshing enough to make doing yardwork / BBQ’s / cleaning gutters / riding dirtbikes / changing oil / patio drinking more tolerable or a downright blast. We’d like to introduce […]