Beer League @ TWR: Cane & Ebel – Two Brothers Brewing Company

Hey Beer Leaguer, long time no see. By now most of you have probably heard that Tyler the Captaineer has broken his right hand. It’s a good thing he’s not some sort of visual artist or graphic designer or has any sort of career that requires the use of his right hand exclusively, otherwise he […]

Beer League @ TWR: Scythe & Sickle – Brewery Ommegang

It’s that time of the Thursday, Beer Leaguer, where you get to find out what beer we are having tonight and we get to type WORDS DIRECTLY TO THE INTERNET AND YOUR INBOX! So, without any further holdup, this weeks beer is Scythe & Sickle from Brewery Ommegang. Over at the beautiful and frustrating to copy/paste […]

Schlafly Porter

Beer League @ TWR: Schlafly Porter

Hiya, Beer Leaguers! So, you may have heard of this whole “internet” thing that the kids are all raving about. From my understanding it’s a series of tubes that can be blocked by dumptrucks, a sort of information superhighway if you will. In any case – there’s been some work put into The Waiting Room‘s […]

Beer League @ TWR: Caledonian Brewing Newcastle Werewolf

NOTE: This post was originally sent as an email in 2012! Years ago! In case you missed all the excitement, Jonesy took 1st and 2nd place at the homebrew competition – it’s kind of a big deal considering his dedication to making beer as a hobby, and drinking beer as a professional. Big thanks to Tina, Joel, […]

Beer League @ TWR: Odell Brewing Company 5 Barrel Pale Ale

Because this email is coming to you on a blustery, snowy Thursday morning can mean but one thing: someone forgot to send an email out earlier in the week. Hint: it was me! And on an awesome note, lots of you threw in dough for the raffle to win Cabin Fever tickets – but one […]

Beer League @ TWR: Crown Valley Brewing Co. Black Cabin Smoked Ale

Happy Tuesday Beer League, You may be wondering how your Captaineers got it together enough to send this email out so early in the week, especially after all of the Thanksmasyearseve Celebration that’s been happening recently. The how part is answered by coffee. The why part is better answered by saying: Going back to the […]