Who You Callin’ Wussie? From Arrogant Bastard

Did you know that there's a band called Wussy?

They're pretty good if you're into post-country rock-a-bluesy (I just made that up hah!) kinda music. Give them a listen sometime. Anyway, Wussy the Band is completely different that Wussie the Beer. How different? Well one is a group of musicians and the other is a beer. That's pretty different.

Wussie the Beer says:


For far too long the tyrannical industrialized beer overlords have disgraced and cheapened the noble heritage of the pilsner with their relentless multi-generational downward drive to commercialized homogenization. Over decades, this once vaulted style has been slowly and methodically gutted, bringing forth a soulless and anemic result, all the while spending billions in advertising to convince the unwitting public that their fizzy yellow end result was beer. Well, I will not have it. We are striking back for true craft by stealing the pilsner back from their evil clutches, and restoring it to its almighty glory. They do it cheaply. We do it right. Choose vapidity, or choose righteousness...but whatever you do, choose wisely.

Choose wisely. I'm pretty sure someone told me that one time in an Indiana Jones movie. We're excited to try this pilsner that comes with a really long story.

The Crispest Beer Info

RELEASE DATE / June 27, 2016
STYLE / Northern German Pilsner
ALC/VOL / 5.8%
AVAILABLE IN / 16oz cans in six-packs and draft
DISTRIBUTION / Nationwide 
IBUs / 47
FRESH FOR / 120 Days

We send out the beer every week in an email as well - some people like that more than having to go through the website or checking our facebook. So join up!

Beer Advocate
excellent german pilsner from stone! full ..clean and crisp with all the highs marks of a good lager ..the cans they are putting out are impressive and the 16oz is nice ...good beer to start on before u dive into there other brews


16oz can. Poured a hazy golden color with a fluffy white head. Aroma was some light pine hop notes, floral character? Light malty notes. Touch sweetness that was a touch unexpected. Bitter finish. Interesting attempt to elevate the "fizzy yellow beer."


Wow..... Just wow. I was worried that it was in a can but stone did not disappoint. #95382


Wussy the Band

So Happy It's Thurday!

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We can't believe it either.

Dylan Walshe

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