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Beer League is back this Thursday April 21st and we're going to try something sorta new. Something sorta from Bell's. And we're interested to hear what you think about this weeks beer.

There's lots to read about it if you want to get deep out there - you can read about hops and watch review videos or check out a few quotes:

This 100% all-malt Pale Ale was first brewed in 2013 to explore the use of oats in a Pale Ale at Bell’s original brewery in downtown Kalamazoo. Initially Oat Ale, it was renamed Boiling Pot Pale Ale when it was released as a limited specialty draught option in select markets.

It's been out there before in a couple names and as a specialty before getting a jazzy new name and entering the year round schedule. Must have gotten pretty popular. We'll be sippin' on a few of these and probably playing some disc golf out back if the weather is gonna hold.

From Brewbound

“This beer is unique. Aromatics may drive it, but the signature ingredient – oats – are what really makes this beer stand apart and also where the name comes from. It’s approachable and intriguing with a fun personality,” said Bell’s Vice President, Laura Bell.

“The use of malted oats help give it a body that you don’t see in most other session Pale Ales. Once we tweaked the recipe to combine the body from the oats with those powerful hop aromas, we thought it would make a great addition to our year-round portfolio,” she said.

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SailIntoTheStout - 4.27/5
I'm not going to go into major details here, but I loved it. As much as I love Bell's, their Midwestern Pale Ale wasn't doing it for me, so I was really looking forward to another Bell's shot at a pale ale. This one is much better, full bodied with a solid flavor. It's a very solid beer overall. I would love to sit by the campfire and drink a few of these with friends.
Strohme2 - 3.58/5
It's a session IPA...Bells is a bit late to the session IPA party. Nothing new or unique about it. Good color, nice fluffy head. Citrus abounds on the nose. Nice taste, citrus, pine, some cattiness. Lots of flavor. Big miss in the mouthfeel. Was hoping the oats would add a smoother creaminess but it does not. Wish Bell's would can this, could be a garage fridge staple.

We send out the beer every week in an email as well - some people like that more than having to go through the website or checking our facebook. So join up!

Oatsmobile Ale

Bell's Brewery, Inc.

American-Style Pale Ale

ABV: 4.3%

Aromatic. Approachable. Unique. Intriguing. Happy-go-lucky. Full-bodied. And we’re not just talking about the horse. This hop-forward session pale ale uses a blend of classic and modern Pacific Northwest hops, including Mosaic, Equinox and Glacier, for a pungent blend of peach, mango and tropical aromas. The signature ingredient - oats - are what makes Oatsmobile Ale stand apart, and gives it a body that you don’t see in most other session Pale Ales.
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