Beer League! We’re gonna have some Civil Life draft.

Aw, yeah. Admit it, you’ve missed us.

Sorry about the lack of updates and email recently – it’s been a busy ship for these Captaineers to be sailing in recent weeks, and we apologize. It seems like we do that a lot, but in reality it’s just equally proportional to the amount of times we drop the ball. The problem is we’re not basketball players, we’re Captaineers. And it’s hard to catch a basketball with a hook hand. Or bowl.

But you don’t care about one-handed bowling or our lack of sailing prowess, you care about beer. So let’s talk about that.

This weeks beer for a-samplin’ is Civil Life Brewing’s Rye Pale Ale on draft. Civil Life describe their beer incredibly well, saying:

This isn’t a little Pale Ale and it isn’t the biggest of Pale Ales but it’s our Pale Ale and it’s big but grounded by a strong malt backbone. Familiar pale ale traits plus rich graininess, subtle spice and crisp mouthfeel from the rye, lots of caramel, black pepper, pine cones, and grapefruit zest with a well-rounded bittersweet finish. Pick it up and run with it, act like you stole it… as long as you paid for it we don’t care.

There are tons of events upcoming – there’s gonna be a cook-off, and a couple brewery tap takeovers.

Stay tuned to the website and your inbox for incoming details!

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