Beer League: Uinta Brewing Detour Double IPA + STL Craft Beer Week Starts on the 25th!

Happy Thursday, Beer Leaguer!

This weeks pre-STL Craft Beer Week Beer is Uinta Brewing’s Detour Double IPA – and we’re extra excited because it comes to us in cans! Let’s get right into the goods and detail what others have said about this weeks beer. Well, after we say that we love this label – and not just because it has an Airstream on it!

The Uinta Brewing website didn’t have a whole lot to say. About one exact sentence worth:

“A scenic tour of hops, Detour Double IPA is bright and bold with lively hop character”

After a little more digging, we found a blog post detailing the expansion of the Detour DIPA and found this gem as well:

“As for the beer, Detour’s hop profile will be kicked up a few notches with the addition of a fifth hop, Citra, which boosts citrusy characteristics in the beer.  A scenic tour of hops, consumers can expect a bright and bold Double IPA.”

From Beer Advocate, the highest review at 5/5 says:

“Preamble – This is a 5 across the board for me. It’s a grail beer for me along with Stone’s IPA.

Poor – Nice frothy poor developing a good three finger head. Color is a perfect clear amber and the lacing is sticky.

Nose – Tropical fruit.

Taste – Tropical fruit, Very well balanced, nice sweet malt backbone; with a delicious cascade/centennial citrus/tropical fruit hop taste. For the ABV this is an awesome DIPA. It tastes like a 7 abv beer. The ethanol is completely masked and the mouthfeel is light; not heavy or syrupy. This isn’t an overboard DIPA.

An awesome beer.”

Not to be let down, the lowest rating came in at 1.5/5 and said:

6 months of age on this bottle but the hop presence is huge on the nose. I believe the liquor store I got it from has kept it refrigerated so that should’ve kept it somewhat fresh. Brilliantly clear amber color will a huge sticky off white head. Sticky webbing. Big malt nose, lots of raisin oddly enough but lots of pine and grapefruit as well. Spicy earthy hops as well. Some subtle alcohol on the nose as well.

A very spicy and malty DIPA. Tons of pine and earthy spice with lots of caramel and pale malt. Some detectable alcohol. Flavors are blended into one concise sip which is odd for a DIPA this size but impressive. Carbonation is there but low. Mouthfeel is syrupy. This bottle has a big of age on it but it’s been kept cold, the problem with a beer like this is it’s price tag. Uinta makes great big beers but this one is forced to sit because of its high cost. Despite being kept cold i’m sure the flavor is affected a bit. None the less tastes like a big double English IPA with tons of flavorless malts and subtle hops. Kind of a trick show from whats supposed to be such a big beer.

First dissapointing brew from Uinta.

Rate Beer’s top review kicks in at a 5 and they said:

This DIPA will change what you may think about Utah. Not only did the aroma scream “take me home and tell me you love me,” but the flavor followed up with “ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED!” I’d never had a beer open up and be so honest with me. Huge hop, citrus aroma, combined with sweet fruit/malt profile. Taste provided unexpected strawberry and caramel notes. If you get the opportunity to take this seraph home, don’t stutter! And for god’s sake, take your time with her.

So we’ll see you tonight for a DIPA from Uintas Brewing and some patio time – when we’re not arguing over pinball. Or bad movies.

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