Beer League @ TWR’s Two Year Anniversary: New Belgium Brewing’s Snow Day

Happy Wednesday Beer Leaguer!

Today is January 18th, 2012 – and tomorrow is the two year anniversary of the creation of our Beer League. For those of you that don’t know – it’s really me (Tyler) that sends out these emails every week – and this is important because the next story I tell you would make no sense if you thought that I’m really Sarah. At the very least it would be confusing.

Beer League started while I was deployed (again) to Iraq. The really fast version of the Birth of Beer League story is: Sarah needed things to do, everyone likes new and exciting beer, someone put two and two together and a League of Beers was born with the help of Jimmy & Shannon. Beer League sent me presents at Christmas. Beer League threw me a party when I was home on leave.

Beer League donates to charity. Beer League takes care of our own.

Beer League makes my Thursday mornings less crappy, and my Thursday evenings amazing. Whether you want to admit it or not – Beer League has grown into a family. We fight, we bicker, we don’t all get along but we are all bound together through our love of beer, our curiosity of new beers, and the camaraderie of people with interests relevant to our own.

I am proud to be a part of our Beer League. Man, I gotta stop cutting onions when I type these emails, because you care more about…

…this weeks beer – Snow Day from New Belgium Brewing. On their website, NBB describes Snow Day as, “P

I’m serious when I say this: there is not one thing in the description of that beer that I don’t like.

New Belgium still has a pretty website, minus the whole “verify you’re an adult” thing that makes me never want to go there again:

Beer Advocate’s aggregate score for this beer is 84 – which means “B”:

Burnfinger says:

had this on the last day off from the holiday season:poured from the 12 oz bottle into my new belgium goblet:A: pours the color of cola – nice show on the pour and a full 3 fingers of head, super lacing and a rocky top to the head – deepest hint of rose when held to a light.S: AHHH yes – woderful hoppiness comes thru like a champ – not overwhelming like an IPA but great nonethelessT: reminds me of the smell of raw hops as I make homebrew – a bit of chocolate caramel in the background but just a bitM: nice body – good carbonation and well hidden ABVD: very nice indeed! highly recommended.note: I dont find any 2 below this year, I pray this is not the replacment!?

PossumMunson21 says:

Very bizarre first smell. Can’t really even describe it. Under a half=inch head. Hard to distinguish which hop actually smells/tastes okay. Very strange mixture. It does taste better than it originally smells I will give it that. Otherwise, happy I purchased this with a mixer pack and will not get any more.”Like usual the reviews are polar opposites. This is either a refreshingly (but not overly) hopped seasonal beer with a high (but hidden) ABV – OR – it’s a weird smelling, lightly-headed brew. I can’t wait to find out which one is legit!”

Schlafly Cabin Fever – Saturday, January 21st

The beer sampling list for Cabin Fever is up at the preceding link, and if you’re on the fence about going I’d like to draw you attention to one thing: India Brown Ale. I’m 99% sure that we reached a consensus last year that this was the standout best beer we sampled. I’ve never seen it in the wild, so this is a special time for me. I’ll also point out that there are (tentatively) 34 beers to be sampled. You’re nuts not to go!

Beer League Wing Off – Thursday, January 26th

In the finest tradition of Beer League cooking competitions, we are mostly proud and a little bit scared to bring you the Beer League Wing Off! The rules are listed on the [6]Facebook Event, but the quick and dirty version is, “10 LB minimum of wings, judging starts at 8 PM, chafing dishes provided, judging by popular vote, judging complete by 9 PM.”

As we move into year three of Beer League, we’re going to ask a favor of you. Please write a little note at the top and forward this weeks email to any of your friends (HI NEW FRIENDS!) that enjoy new beers and encourage them to come out one Thursday and give Beer League a shot. If you received this email in a forward, you can sign up to receive our weekly email by giving us just a smidgen of info right here! We don’t use your information for anything other than a weekly email, I promise!

We’ll see you tomorrow for a Snow Day – too bad we all can’t have a snow day to go with it!

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