Beer League @ TWR: Tallgrass Buffalo Sweat Stout. From the can, man.

Another Wednesday morning is upon us, and you get to read this even before your butt hits that office chair a whole day before League. Right? it’s like a whole new League of Responsibility, except you really don’t have to do much beyond swing in this Thursday for a Tallgrass Buffalo Sweat. On the Tallgrass site they describe Buffalo Sweat as, “If you only try one dark beer in your life try a Buffalo Sweat. It will change your entire perception of what a dark beer tastes like. The secret is in the sugar. We brew it with cream sugar (lactose). This retains the beer’s sweetness through the brewing process, and also gives it a smoothness that is hard to describe. These characteristics balance out the copious quantities of roasted barley used in the brewing process to create a rich, complex, and delicious beer. It has been described as: “a beer brownie”, “liquid espresso chocolate layer cake”, or “a dark chocolate milkshake with an espresso shot”. It’s rich, but it goes down so smooth! That’s what’s made it one of our most popular brews.”

[brewerydb_beer id=LZIkRQ]

Beer Advocate thinks highly of this brew, as does Rate Beer. Not to mention that Beer League happens to think pretty highly of it as well, on the days when it’s not the League Beer as well.

Hey though, Beer League hero – don’t forget that What’s in the Box?: A very Beer League Gift Exchange is coming up really soon – better get craftulating!

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