Beer League @ TWR: Tallgrass 16-Bit DPA in a 16oz’er

Happy Thursday, Beer League!

We’re glad that you’re reading this. It makes us happy! You know what else makes us happy? Tallgrass 16-Bit DPA’s in 16oz cans. There’s something just awesome about having a can that doesn’t quite fit into your coozy (Hiyoooo!) and sweats up your hands that just screams summer. And float trips. And shows. And a back patio with a disc golf basket to practice your puttin’ and mingle with your friends. Or, let’s be honest here, make some new friends.

The Tallgrass website describes 16-Bit as:

16-Bit Double Pale Ale is the next generation of pale ale from Tallgrass. For fans of 8-Bit Pale Ale ready to advance to a new realm, 16-Bit DPA is a one-pint finishing move that delivers a sweeping sequence of crips aromas, light body, bright hoppiness and striking citrus flavors. Best enjoyed in multi-player mode.

Well, ready Player One – let’s go check out some reviews, too. Because the opinions of others are generally pretty interesting to read before you crack your first can.

From BeerAdvocate, user JamesStreet gave it a 3.63 / 5 and says:

A- golden straw with a hint of orange in color. Moderate white head. Nice lacing.
S- not a huge citrus hop aroma, but it’s there and greets you with some bready malt sweetness.
T- somewhat follows the nose. Not a very big hop presence, or at least not what I was expecting. A hint of spiciness.
M- nicely carbed, medium feel. Easily drinkable with a nice balance.
O- not quite what I was expecting, but still a nice APA. Expected a bit more hops though.

Then from RateBeer we have tmoreau kicking in a 3.5 / 5 and thinks:

Shared pint can poured to snifters, displaying a hazed, orangey gold color, with a modest layer of soft white head froth, and spots & streaks of lacing. The nose was light, malty sweetness, some dank grain, light yeast, and fruit. Medium bodied, with moderate carbonation, the taste added a citrusy & earthy bitterness, some alcohol presence, and finished with dry, rind-like astringency. A little abrupt, but decent.

Get in tonight and join the game as Player Two and drink some goodness with some good people. Remember, we like hanging out with you.

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