Beer League @ TWR: STL Craft Beer Week Edition

STL Craft Beer Week has been in full swing this week, and the Captaineers have been checking out some of the events. We’ve been  out for sours at Exit 6, and had some beers at Llywelen’s, and stopped in for a beer at Millstream – because, you know, Millstream. Not to mention the tap takeover at TWR with Crown Valley Big Bison, Schlafly Raspberry Hefe & Pale Ale, Civil Live Brewing Scottish Ale, and this weeks Beer League feature – 4 Hands Brewing Opus Saison.

As is tradition, we’ll start out with this weeks beer description straight from the 4 Hands website. We do this because it is only fair that the brewery’s description is the first that you read – as it’s probably the most accurate. Well, at the very least it’s the most descriptive. Or, I mean, it’s a description:

“Opus is a saison brewed with tea and fruit. The perfect accompaniment to the warmer months, this farmhouse style has a bright, citrusy aroma with notes of tea and spice. Opus pours golden in color with a firm white head.”

Crispy tea and spice with a citrusy aroma for a 90 degree day – sounds like the perfect combination for a St. Louis summer and a back patio for drinking.

The high review from Beer Advocate comes from Jlaw55 who says:

“This was a really great take on a Saison. Sort of blurs the lines between beer, wine, and cider. It is fairly dry with a hint of sweet. The tea is the first flavor to jump out with layers of orange, lemon, grapes, and apple following as it moves across your tongue. It finishes with a crisp, dry fruity note and begs for another drink.

Will absolutely purchase again.”

Not to be out-done – or maybe because he just can’t handle the raw power of Opus – the low review still comes in at a 3+ of 5 from whynot44 who said:

“Clear golden color with a modest but persistent white head that does produce a decent lacing.

The aroma is pear, apple, white grape with a hint of black tea and pepper.

The taste is almost exactly parallel to the aroma, with a bit more of the pepper note, very slightly sweet, almost dry in the finish.

Fairly light body, easily drinkable. Overall a decent, somewhat summery version of a saison.”

Looking now at RateBeer, we’ll take their highest review and use that – because it’s too dang hard to find the lowest rated review on their website – and let’s be honest. We don’t really care about the lowest review:

“On tap at the brewery. It poured a light straw color with a white head. The aroma was of clove, pears, light coriander, peach, tea and a hint of jasmine. The taste was of tea, pineapple, light cereal and a peppery herbal note. It had a light body with a pleasant drying at the finish. Tasty.”

There is so much still going on this week (and well into the weekend) for STL Craft Beer week – we want you to get out there and tell us what your favorite event was! And the only way to do that… is to get out there!

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