Beer League @ TWR: Scythe & Sickle – Brewery Ommegang

It’s that time of the Thursday, Beer Leaguer, where you get to find out what beer we are having tonight and we get to type WORDS DIRECTLY TO THE INTERNET AND YOUR INBOX! So, without any further holdup, this weeks beer is Scythe & Sickle from Brewery Ommegang.

Over at the beautiful and frustrating to copy/paste from Ommegang website, they say that, “Scythe and Sickle is Ommegang’s foray into honoring the harvest season. Using barley, oats, wheat, and rye, we’ve brought the mood of fall to life with vibrant and flavorful passion. Farming is about precision, timing and care. At Ommegang we place the same emphasis a farmer has for his crops into the creation of our beers. Scythe and Sickle is a testament to the craft and care of farming, from which our farmstead-brewed beers benefit greatly. Brewed with balance in mind, Scythe & Sickle reveals a smooth and creamy mouthfeel with light toastiness and gentle sweetness. Bright amber in color from the mixed malts, the beer is balanced with delicate hopping to counter rather than overpower the malt profile.

This beer matches this weather so perfectly that I almost feel like we planned the weather to match the beer, rather than just lucking into it. Yeah, we’re totally that good. BeerAdvocate is rating this beer at the upper end of the 80’s, and RateBeer brings it in around the high 90’s – sounds like a dang fine night to me!

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