Schlafly Porter

Beer League @ TWR: Schlafly Porter

Hiya, Beer Leaguers!

So, you may have heard of this whole “internet” thing that the kids are all raving about. From my understanding it’s a series of tubes that can be blocked by dumptrucks, a sort of information superhighway if you will. In any case – there’s been some work put into The Waiting Room‘s website over the last couple of weeks, and a part of that was integrating this very email with the website, so it automatically does stuff. Internet stuff. Funny story: I have no idea if this is even going to work and I won’t until I hit “Publish” and even then if it is broken, I couldn’t tell you why.

But you don’t care about internets, dumptrucks, or what has been happening on the internet dumptrucks – you care about beer. And you care about this weeks beer because it’s…

…Schlafly Porter. And besides being a delicious beer and never passing on one (you’ve never passed on one, right?)

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