Beer League @ TWR: O’Fallon Smoked Porter & A Sincere “Thank You!”

We’ve made it another week, Beer League. Another work week almost over but better than that – it’s another Beer League night! This weeks beer is, and I quote, “One of my favorite local beers of all!” according to one Mr. Nichols – owner, operator, and generally swell-fella of The Waiting Room.

A couple of things to note about that endorsement:

  1. He’s absolutely not kidding
  2. You should absolutely trust him
  3. We can absolutely only get it on draft

Of the three, the third one is the most important. This beer has just now (like, really – just now) reached maturity and become available for this season – and we’re going to get into this one ASAP. It’s a big beer, and for everyone who doesn’t bleed BBQ, it’s a sipper. There’s enough wallop in one pint to wake you up like a punch to the nose, and well, that’s really how we like it. Directly borrowed from the O’Fallon Brewery website, they describe O’Fallon Smoked Porter as:

Dark, rich and smoky…this classic porter is brewed with 63% German smoked malt and makes a perfect after dinner (or anytime) sipper for those who love a “bigger” beer. Winner of the Gold Medal in the 2004 Great American Beer Festival® for best Smoked Beer in America!

And before one of you… ah… over-zealous Beer Leaguer’s calls me out for it (looking at you too, plumbers) when we say big beer, we mean both taste and the 6% ABV that this one is packin’ in addition to the flavor overload that hits your mouth like a thousand little smokey karate kicks. It’s big in every sense of the word. Seriously.

So when we were looking at reviews at Beer Advocate this week, we spent some time lingering on Rizilini’s review. It was balanced, and being that he’s from Las Vegas, didn’t suffer from the usual “hometown hero” complex given to a lot of local reviewers. In any case, Ol’ Rizzi said,

Poured from a 12oz bottle I’ve had in my cellar for about a year (not intentionally, just kinda happened that way), into a tulip…

A – Pours a very dark cola brown, with a creamy light brown head that’s about a finger thick. Some pretty thick lacing on the sides as the head falls.

S – Very nice smoke aroma that is very prominent. Smells like a good smoked porter should.

T/M – The taste is where it seems too fall off a little bit for me. Waviering on the thin/watery side, the mouthfeel leaves a little something to be desired. The flavor however is a little bit better. The base beer is noticable, with some dak fruits and char that are associated with a good porter. The smoke is more in the aftertaste, but not too much.

O – It’s a pretty solid smoked porter. If I could get this regularly here in Las Vegas, I think I would probably purchase this one again.

And not to compromise ourselves by admitting that we usually look for outside of St. Louis reviews on local beers, we found a fella named ogivlado from CROATIA who reviewed O’Fallon Smoked Porter at RateBeer and found it lacking compared to some of the European smoked beers that he’s tried,

Bottled 355ml. -at O’Hara Zagreb. Nearly black coloured, small off-white head that went away fast, light roasty nose. Roasted malt, caramel, smoke and sugar with rather sweet finish. Far far away from smoked Bamberg beers.

As far as a sampling of a beer brewed in O’Fallon, MO goes – Las Vegas and Croatia are about as far away as we can get in our sampling pool, you know? So get in tonight for an O’Fallon Smoked Porter and tell us what you think – we may even have a prize for your comments.*

About that “Thank You!”

I’m sure that between Facebook harassment, website harassment, email harassment, and our often-unloved twitter account that you heard about the event we put on for the employees of Ferguson Brewing Company last week. We’ve mentioned it on Facebook already, but we wanted you to know that through your donations, t-shirt purchases, and raffle ticket purchases that you raised over $1,200 towards keeping those good folks going while the brewery is rebuilt. We’re proud of you, Beer League.

* I assure you, there is no prize.

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