Beer League @ TWR: New Belgium Slow Ride Session IPA

Greetings, Beer Leaguer!

If you’re reading this in the morning you’re obviously truly enjoying your workday – and if you’re reading this at night you’re not at League. So shame on you. For the latter. Not the former. The former is cool. We should all get paid to read Beer League email!

So, about this weeks beer. I heard that some of you turkeys were expecting something different from Sam Adams last week, that the name was misleading. I try to get around that by including as much beer info as I can in these emails, like I’m about to do this week. I think I’ll get all the info from New Belgium’s website, then move over to Beer Advocate and Rate Beer for the amalgamated opinions of the internet. How could that ever go wrong?

So anyway, over at the New Belgium website they have declared the following to be true about Slow Ride IPA to the entire internet world:

Kicking back and relaxing with a session beer requires little more than a couch, some free time, and a few pals. Slow Ride Session IPA is up for this easy-going challenge, starting with a pour of sheened gold and plenty of fluffy, white foam. A blend of seven hop varieties, led by exotic Mosaic and Nelson Sauvin, twist together brilliant tropical scents of melon, peach, lime and grapefruit for a vividly fruity aroma. The flavor mirrors the aroma, while balancing a malty-sweet yet clean start and hoppy bitterness in the back. Light bodied and extra quaffable, Slow Ride Session IPA brings the finish line to you.

The beer aggregators are in their usual amount of agreement, and call this ol’ Slow Ride somewhere around an 83:

Beer Advocate:
Rate Beer:

Cabin Fever was AWESOME!

If you weren’t there, we’re sorry for ya! The Tasmanian IPA was especially great this year, as were the pretzel necklaces and out of control hats. And easy cheese. Dammit, Robert.

The Beer League 5th Anniversary is Next Week!

Seriously though, Beer League is all grown up now. She’s got her little Transformers backpack on and waiting for the school bus. In celebration of this momentus occasion, we’re gonna have a rootin’-tootin’ party next week at League complete with some giveaways, some special surprises, and we’ll be crowning someone the official, backup, unofficial Sub-Captaineer. There are no duties associated with the job, but it does come with a sweet stash and you never have to tip Scotty* again!

Bring a Pot, Get Lucky

We’re gonna do the traditional Beer League Pot Luck next Thursday, January 29th – so maybe think about getting your RSVP in and letting everyone know that you’re bringing your famous fish tacos or are buying a bunch of Woofie’s Hot Dogs for everyone. We do love an organized chaos.

Facebook Event:

Well, that brings this weeks session of, “What am I going to do on my Thursday Lunch Hour?” to an end, so start thinking about all the delicious beer you’ll be drinking tonight to take away the pain of the rest of your day!

* Always tip Scotty. He’s better than you.

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