Beer League @ TWR: New Belgium Brewing Beer League Takeover

This weeks beer is a beer… but it’s also an event. More of an event than other weeks. This week we’re featuring TWO BEERS – New Belgium Brewing’s Cocoa Mole and Portage Porter – and BOOM YOU GET TO KEEP THE GLASSWARE. I mean, that’s already pretty exciting because there’s been a BOOM but wait, there’s more! Make sure you RSVP so NBB knows how many hot pockets to bake. Totally kidding.

NBB is going to have a rep hanging out from 7-9, answering questions like, “Why aren’t you bringing Eric’s Ale back?” and “What happened to Clips of Faith St. Louis? We like watching movies and drinking really good beer on Art Hill a whole lot!” and find out about what the Lips of Faith beers are this year and all sortsa other weird Beer League questions you can come up with. There’s a rumor that there’s even more free stuff to be had before the night is over.

But hey – let’s hear some more about these beers. Cocoa Mole has this sorta rep according to the NBB website:

The cult classic returns! Chocolate, cinnamon and chilies combine for a sweet and spicy burst of fun in this Lips of Faith offering. Brewed with deep caramel and dark chocolate malts and a healthy dash of chocolate rye, Cocoa Molé pours midnight dark with a subtle reddish hue, lifting a pillowy burnished head. The cocoa and cinnamon accompany plentiful ancho, guajillo and chipotle chilies to bring the molé merriment to the forefront. Cocoa Molé starts on the tongue with the sweet and finishes with the fine-spun heat of peppers. A worldly contrast in a glass, this beer will get you dancing with Mexican hats. ¡Olé for Molé!

BeerAdvocate brings some ¡Olé for Molé!, tipping the hat with a solid 89. The most positive review of this beer said:

Serving Type: 22oz bottle

A: Beautiful rich mahogany brown

S: Probably the best thing about this beer. Smells absolutely delicious like cinnamon and vanilla.

T: Tastes like cinnamon up front and afterwords has a hint of the peppers. Hides the high ABV quite well.

M: Smooth, yet slightly acidic with a little burn to it.

O: One of my new favorite beers I enjoyed it with some smoked salmon and was perfect together.

To be fair, and because they’re usually hilarious – here’s the lowest rated review of this beer as well:

Pours a strange dark brown but see through like soda. Had a strange carbonation fizz that went away instantly leaving no head at all and no carbonation bubbles at all. The smell is of cinnamon and all spice, reminds me of an apple pie a lot. No cocoa smell at all. After a minor spillage incident we will get to the tasting. Very harsh on the tongue, and by that I mean the carbonation bubbles are very intense and unpleasant. Like the smell the taste is a lot like cinnamon and other spices but in an unflattering way. This might be my least favorite of the lips of faith series and may not be finishable. The mouthfeel is very light and unpleasant. I apologize for giving this beer such a bad review but I think there was a lot to be desired after drinking this beer.

It looks like everyone at RateBeer has thrown in the towel and just given this beer a 97/99. Dang.

But wait, there’s MORE BEER.

Straight from the little pixelated 1’s and 0’s from the NBB website, they describe Portage Porter as:

A great porter just feels right in your hand. And carrying a glass of Portage Porter is no different. An opaque, brown pour, this beer presents with coffee and chocolate aromas, with hints of toast and smoked almonds. The taste follows suit, adding an upfront sweetness and a slight, roasty bitterness to back it up. Creamy and wonderful, this porter sips a medium body and finishes dry and delightful. Portage Porter carts itself towards perfection. Just tip your glass and keep smiling. Available January 2015.

Then over at Beer Advocate, the highest rated review spoke up with not a lot:

Delicious porter from New Belgium

And the lowest. I feel that it’s important to note that this persons avatar is a Dragonball person:

Not there best brew they have

And then there’s a dang tasting video:

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