Beer League @ TWR: Magic Hat Brewing’s Stealin’ Time Summer Wheat

Finally, it’s becoming, “That time of the year” again. You know, when the days start reaching for the 80’s and the nights still feel muggy. Days that demand cold beer and BBQ’s or early mornings for the drive out to your coveted fishin’ spot to drown worms and take photos with the biggest durned largemouth you’ve ever seen. We’re quickly entering days of recycled, air-conditioned nightmares interspersed with Whittaker Music Festival, or the zoo, or picnics on the grounds of the Arch, maybe. We’re in prime time to be outdoors, and we’re celebrating that in true Beer League fashion – with beer that changes with the season.

This weeks beer is Stealin’ Time Summer Wheat from Magic Hat Brewing. In true Beer League fashion, we have scraped the description right off of the Magic Hat website, so you know it’s as fresh:

Stealin’ Time is a hazy summer sipper that will while away the days with a light malt sweetness, balanced by hops and a pinch of ginger.

While not the longest of descriptions, it is succinct. It’s a beer for summer (established) that isn’t heavy on the malt (good to know) with some fruity hops and brewed with ginger. I mean, I feel like I covered that for the most part in my (admittedly hilarious) introductory paragraph, but I’m glad to know that I’m on point with Magic Hat. Makes a Captaineer feel useful.

Looking through the reviews from Beer Advocate, this one from BEERMILER12 really stood out – as just like Beer League, he said it’s nice if you’re into ginger (jokes!):

A: Pours a slightly cloudy pale yellow color with a fingers worth of head that fades down to a very small cap

S: Some ginger up front along with some lightly fruity notes and wheat malt. A little bit of yeast in there as well

T: Follows the nose. Starts off with the ginger and goes into some light fruitiness and wheat notes. Finishes with lingering spicy ginger and some yeast notes

M: Medium bodied with moderate carbonation

O: An easy drinking summer wheat ale with a strong lean towards the ginger. Fairly average for the style. Nothing to really write home about, but nice if you’re into ginger

To counter that review, we’ll look at the lowest rated review from Rate Beer user tfontana at a 2/10 who said:

Bottle from Hannaford Exeter NH. Aroma is faint, maybe a little metallic? Appearance is hazy golden yellow with fair sparkle and no head/lacing. Taste is lightly sweet ginger. Palate is light to medium bodied, crisp, with lively carbonation particularly on the tongue. Finish is abrupt and dry. Overall, there really isn’t too much to this beer. I don’t think it’s really made to be appreciated, probably just to be drunk in large quantities at low temperatures. For that kind of beer, at least the ginger gives mild interest.

He sounds like a guy that can’t enjoy a beer for exactly what it is: good in any quantity at low temperature, but as this is Beer League we’ll see you on Thursday to be your own judge of this beer, while enjoying some patio disc golf or pinball. After all, Beer League is more than just a gathering of beer enthusiasts.

We’ll see you tomorrow night, where we’ll all be stealin’ some time with a summer wheat.

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