Beer League @ TWR: It’s a Pre-Festivus, Beer League Thanksgiving Free-for-All

Gobble, gobble, turkeys.

This week Beer League in on a Wednesday, not a Thursday, and we even made a facebook event to remind you of that fact, today!

Get out of the house one last time before it’s crawling with family.

Tonight is BFH and $1 donation to Backstoppers – don’t forget, cash only all night!

“Big, F*%#ing, Hammer” will make love to your ear holes and make you not want get up in the morning to go eat turkey.

Due to the swarm of Holiday Cheer™, this is going to be a cash only event – so hit up that Regions Bank that we share a plaza with early, so you’ve got your buck to donate and you don’t have to hoof it up there to close out your tab!

Many bars in the area have agreed to collect $1.00 from every person as a cover charge on this evening to support the Backstoppers organization. We are joining the effort as the annual Guns & Hoses event has been postponed until a later date.

Backstoppers mission is to support the families of Police Officers and Fireman who have perished in the line of duty and service of their community.

More info here:

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