Beer League @ TWR: Four Hands Brewing War Hammer Imperial IPA on Draft!

Happy Thursday, Beer Leaguers! Who’s interested in a big beer for big, rainy St. Louis Spring? Who wants that big beer to be from one of the ever-expanding St. Louis breweries? Who wants it to be from a brewery that loves and supports Beer League? Dang, all of you? Well, I guess you’re gonna love this then…

This weeks beer is War Hammer Imperial IPA from none other than 4 Hands Brewery. There’s a few reasons we really like 4 Hands – they had coffee at an event for non-beer drinkers & sober drivers, they brought in Killer Napkins & The Screwed Arts Collective to paint a mural on their wall, they have awesome food on-site, their building is across the street from a lot where A-B keeps their marketing / delivery vehicles – and they stop by TWR pretty frequently to see how they can better be involved with League.

Oh, and they make damn fine beers, too.

From their website, 4 Hands describes War Hammer IIPA as:

“Columbus Tomahawk Zeus is the primary hop variety in War Hammer as well as the inspiration in the name. We use a combination of Pacific Northwest hops to create layers of pungent flavors. A generous malt bill adds biscuit and honey notes while allowing the hops to take center stage. War Hammer pours golden in color with aromas of pineapple, mango, tangerine, resin, and slight earthy notes. Drink Fresh! 9% Alc/Vol 83 IBU’s”

We know that 83 IBU’s is intimidating, but it’s not in the hundreds – and they’re well-controlled hops, fruity and sweeter than what you’re used to in the hop-splosion that the brewing world is still fascinated with.

Beer Advocate brings this in at a 93 aggregate, with one review stating:

“Really floral essence and real hops taste. Great white foamy head and nice lingering lace. Dark amber color is opaque. Very intense and taste as great as it smells!”

Rate Beer keeps it up in the 90’s – it’s crazy when these two sites agree on anything!:

“Bottle at James’ for the multi-K tasting. Pours a faintly hazed gold with a thin white head. Big citrus and sticky hops on the nose. Medium bodied, big sticky citrus. Long grapefruit fueled bitterness. Sticky citrus. Long bitterness. Tasty.”

This is a big beer, and so we all know that comes with a proportionate price tag. But we also know that Beer League doesn’t mess around – you get two stamps for this beer tonight. Not just because the tag on this 9%’er is a bit higher than the usual League fare, but because we love you, too. And we want to see your name on the Beer League Wall of Fame, too.

So we’ll see you tonight for a War Hammer, two stamps, and 9% of deliciousness. We’ll clear away this overcast, rainy nonsense. Even if it means drinking a delicious beer.

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