Beer League @ TWR: Fiveteenth Chili Cookoff

Well here we are – the day of the Fiveteenth Chili Cookoff. If your house is anything like the Casa de Captaineers, it smells delicious and you’re a little bit worried your dogs might just eat all the chili. So let’s talk chili, let’s talk beer – and let’s talk about Chili and Beer.

This week’s beer is Rod’s Cream Ale from Public House Brewing in Rolla, MO. This is the home turf of an often unseen Beer Leaguer who happens to, through no fault of his own, be Tyler’s Uncle Greg. Having been to Public House with him before, we’ve had flights and flights and growlers and pints – including this beer. After a quick polling, both Captaineers agree that we couldn’t have happened by chance into a better chili eatin’ beer. Public House says that:

“While most modern styles of American craft beer originated elsewhere in the world, Cream Ale was born right here at home.  We’ve found a lot to like in this golden little beauty:  prominent malt notes complimented by a flaked maize aroma that bubbles up through the carbonation, elegantly balanced by noble hops.

Named in honor of its creator–Public House Brewer Rod Murray–we think this beer can be summed up in three big words:  American.  Golden.  Original.”

Because of the relative newness of Public House and their distribution, there aren’t very many reviews on Beer Advocate – but it stands at a solid NO SCORE! That means that if everyone from Beer League made an account on BA we could just DOMINATE the ratings. We are Sparta, or something.

Chili Cookoff Info!

We’d like to run the sampling until 8PM then let everyone descend on the chili like there’s no tomorrow! To even out the playing field we have voting slips this year where you’ll rate your TWO favorite chilis on a 1-5 scale in three criteria:


The official vote-tallying squad will then go tally votes and announce the winners. If there is a tie, the chili with the most amusing NON-NEGATIVE comment on the voting slips will win. So don’t be a jerk!


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