Beer League @ TWR: Double Trunk From Two Dudes Brewing

Hey-o, Beer Leaguer! This week’s beer is Double Trunk from Two Dude’s Brewing out of Los Angeles, CA. Before we look at reviews, let’s see how the Two Dude’s describe their beer, shall we?

They say an elephant never forgets. When it comes to this double IPA, you won’t either. This gentle giant certainly has mad hops, but ferments out dry so it’s not too malty on the finish. Clocking in at 9.4% alcohol by volume, it’s definitely not for the timid mice amongst you. Put on your trunks and dive in.

I’m pretty sure they just called me an elephant. No? My mistake. Two Dudes made a beer video, too, but it makes no mention of elephants, which kinda bummed me out.

At least there was a drawing of an elephant, though.

As the reviews go, over at BA anthony-martinez gave it a 3.75/5 and typed the following while putting minimal stress on his shift key:

i got that btew double trunk ipa with others brew today. i pour this pint can into Porter/ Stout glass 14 oz. it gives sweet aromas when 2 fingers-size foam settled. i sip and it gives nice coat of hops on the tongue and then leave a hint of strong kick on the end note. good IPA for canned brew category. great taste!

At Ratebeer, jredmond gave it a 2.7/5 and said:

Can shared at the Half Marathon tasting – May 2015. Pours a light golden body with thick white head and lacing. Mouthfeel is grainy, bitter and boozy with notes of sticky malt sweetness, crackery character, dry fruits and light bitterness on the palate. Not great.

Get in tonight and you’re guaranteed to drink a Two Dudes with at least Two Dudes.


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